Housekeeper Jobs in Australia

Housekeeper Jobs in Australia

There are many different types of housekeeping jobs in Australia. Whether you're looking for your first job in this field or you are looking to advance your career in this area, we'll cover some of the important details about the various types of housekeeping jobs in Australia.

Urgent Recruitment for Housekeepers

If you're looking for a flexible and rewarding home cleaning job, then consider applying for Housekeeper jobs in Australia. This type of job is in high demand in Brisbane, and the perfect candidate will be a professional with experience in the industry.

The primary job responsibility is to assist in the daily housekeeping duties of clients. This type of work usually consists of cleaning the home, vacuuming, dusting, and washing & ironing.

This work is similar to everyday household duties and can provide a great deal of flexibility in terms of working hours and days.

Job Description

If you want to start a career as a housekeeper, there are some key factors you should consider. This profession requires minimal education, and most job processes are learned through training. However, some employers require candidates with at least a high school diploma.

Additionally, a diploma in the hotel management may open the door to further opportunities, including a management position or a career in hospitality. This article will discuss some of the key factors that can help you land a great housekeeping job.

If you're interested in a career as a hotel housekeeper, you should know that you'll be responsible for all areas of hotel housekeeping, including laundry and public rooms.

You'll also likely be responsible for vacuuming carpets and cleaning bathrooms, among other duties.

Additionally, you'll need to adhere to health and safety legislation, and you'll be responsible for assessing maintenance needs and ensuring that all staff members follow them.

While a housekeeper role isn't typically as glamorous as other hospitality roles, there are many advantages to becoming one. You can easily move up the ladder.

If you're skilled and have the drive and desire, you can advance to a supervisor role or a head of housekeeping position at a hotel.

Once you've reached the top level, you can even transition to a different department in the hotel and eventually become the general manager.

Immaculate Cleaning Company

An excellent opportunity to work as a housekeeper is offered by Immaculate Cleaning Company. This cleaning company has a number of different housekeeper jobs in Australia.

This job type involves the cleaning of homes and offices, including apartments, condominiums, and business premises.

Housekeepers are also often hired to help with other projects, such as organizing files and desks, cleaning kitchen cupboards and garages, and many other tasks.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Immaculate Cleaning
Post Name Housekeeper
Qualification Proven experience house cleaning.
Industry Housekeeping
Employment Type Contractor
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary A$24 Hourly
Location Melbourne, Australia 3000

As a housekeeper, you'll need to possess several skills. These skills range from the ability to manage your time well to the ability to follow instructions. Good listening skills are necessary for the job.

You should know when to ask questions and be able to understand the instructions and expectations of your boss. If you possess these qualities, your career as a housekeeper could take off very quickly.

Having a high school diploma is a great idea for those who want to begin a career in housekeeping. A strong communication skill is necessary for housekeepers who are employed by hotels and resorts.

You will have to interact with hotel guests in order to help them with personal needs. You will also need to be able to organize cleaning supplies and maintain a good cleanliness level.


The Australian government provides visas for domestic housekeepers, who may also perform cleaning, cooking, and other housekeeping tasks in private homes. Housekeepers are also found in motels and other commercial premises.

While some may be able to work without formal qualifications, some have a skill level commensurate with their education.

Regardless of the location you choose to work in, the requirements for a housekeeper job in Australia will differ from those for private-client housekeeping. Housekeeping in a hotel is quite different from housekeeping with a private client.

Housekeepers in hotels must keep their rooms and other areas of the establishment spotless for the guests.

Other duties include changing bed sheets and replenishing room supplies, while hotel housekeepers are responsible for overseeing the general appearance of the establishment.

If a room is damaged or broken, they will contact the hotel's maintenance team to arrange a replacement. Despite the many advantages of becoming a housekeeper, you must remember that there is a stigma associated with the position.

However, there are a lot of job opportunities for housekeepers in Australia, and entry-level work experience will give you an edge over the competition.


Working as a housekeeper requires a high level of stamina and physical strength. Responsibilities can vary greatly, but they often involve managing multiple rooms at the same time.

In addition to these physical requirements, housekeepers must be able to communicate effectively with clients and resolve complaints. Housekeeping requires a high level of cleanliness, which is why the best housekeepers possess an innate sense of neatness.

Housekeepers in hotels are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of all rooms, including the lobby, bedrooms, and public areas. They are responsible for changing bed sheets and towels and restocking minibars and supplies.

Supervisory positions in hotels require housekeepers to oversee teams of housekeeping employees.

In addition to overseeing the overall performance of staff, supervisors also oversee the quality of work, create staff rotas, and ensure compliance with sanitation and hygiene laws.

Responsibilities of housekeeper jobs vary from one employer to another. In many cases, a housekeeper does not need any education, though some employers prefer applicants with a high school diploma.

Having a diploma in hospitality management can help housekeepers manage different areas of a hospital or care facility.

Job Benefits

There are many benefits to housekeeper jobs. These workers are responsible for cleaning floors, disinfecting public spaces, and deodorizing surfaces. Additionally, they can also add a managerial, supervisory, or assistant role to their resumes.

In addition, many housekeeping positions have additional perks. Below are some of the other advantages of housekeeper jobs. This entry-level position is a great way to start your career!

In addition to salary, housekeepers receive on-the-job training. This means that you can pursue professional qualifications, such as Diploma in Hospitality Supervision and Leadership (HSL) or a Diploma in Tourism Management. Once you have mastered the basics of the job, you can look into advancing into a more senior position.


The average salary for housekeeper jobs in Australia is $55,000 per year. This equates to around $28.21 per hour. The average bonus for housekeeper jobs is $3,667, based on data from Australian employers.

Entry-level housekeepers earn about  $50,877 per year while senior housekeepers earn about $76,050 per year. Salary growth is 13 percent over five years.

Salaries for housekeeper jobs in Australia can range anywhere from $50,000 to $77,000 per year. While this may seem low, the average entry-level salary for this job in Australia is significantly higher than the national average.

Salary for housekeeper jobs varies widely based on skills and experience. However, it is important to note that salaries will depend on location, experience, and the specific role you're applying for. If you're a woman seeking a career in housekeeping, you'll likely earn more than a man.

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