Room Attendant Jobs in the USA

Room Attendant Jobs in the USA

In addition to taking care of hotel rooms, a room attendant must also wear safety equipment and handle chemicals. They must report their work to supervisors and inform them of any concerns they may have.

Room attendants usually do not interact with guests directly, though they may see them in the hallways or as they bring items to their rooms. The job requires independent work and may be more suitable for someone who wants a more independent lifestyle.

Urgent Recruitment for Room Attendant

In the hospitality industry, room attendants are a critical part of the operation. They must be friendly and prepared to answer basic guest questions. They are typically employed in hotels, motels, hospitals, and healthcare facilities.

Room attendants are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of guest rooms. They are expected to clean and sanitize guest rooms, restock kitchens and bathrooms, and check guests in and out of their rooms.

This is a rewarding position but requires good organizational skills and a high degree of customer service. A Room Attendant must be friendly and knowledgeable of hotel housekeeping policies and procedures.

Job Description

A Room Attendant is a hotel or motel employee who maintains the cleanliness of guest rooms. They usually work under the supervision of a head attendant, but may be responsible for resolving minor issues as well.

The job description of a Room Attendant typically includes checking rooms for cleanliness, removing personal items from beds, and cleaning rooms according to the employer's standards. Salaries for Room Attendants vary depending on location and company size.

A room attendant's work environment may vary depending on the employer and the hotel, but this occupation is often considered an entry-level position for adults who have the necessary physical attributes.

This job may be seasonal, with peak demand during summer and the main tourist season. It also requires strong communication skills.

Besides cleaning rooms, room attendants also assist other employees by explaining procedures for cleaning and maintaining rooms. Room attendants must be detail-oriented and pay attention to details.

Room attendant jobs are mostly available in hotels and motels, but they can also be found in hospitals and other healthcare establishments. Room attendant duties include removing sheets and making beds, vacuuming and dusting, and cleaning bathrooms.

They may also need to clean kitchen surfaces and restock dishes and snacks. Typically, room attendants work in teams of two, and they report to a housekeeping manager for supervision.

Woodmark Hotel

Room Attendant Jobs at the Woodmark Hotel & Still Spa are available at the Carillon Point, Virginia hotel. In addition to providing exceptional service, this hotel also promotes its culture and values.

Various mechanized cleaning equipment is used to clean rooms and maintain hotel premises. This job requires the ability to lift up to 10 pounds frequently and up to 25 pounds occasionally. In some instances, this job requires the ability to lift up to 50 pounds with help.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Woodmark Hotel
Post Name Room Attendant
Qualification Prior housekeeping/custodial experience preferred
Industry Private
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $21.00 / Hour
Location Kirkland, WA, USA 98033


A Room Attendant's duties include cleaning guest rooms and servicing the guest bath. They also ensure that the guest experience is positive by addressing guests' needs. A Room Attendant must also be friendly, courteous, and follow company procedures.

In addition, they must be familiar with cleaning equipment and how to use it properly. They also keep the rooms visually organized and free from debris and other hazards.

As a Room Attendant, you will be responsible for performing routine housekeeping tasks such as cleaning guest rooms and preparing them for new guests.

A career as a room attendant is a good entry point for a career in the hospitality industry. They are responsible for cleaning guest rooms and other parts of a hotel.


The skills needed to succeed in a room attendant job are diverse. These positions require strong physical strength and the ability to clean a variety of objects and surfaces. In addition, room attendants work closely with other hotel employees and guests.

Often, they will be required to explain hotel cleaning procedures to guests and other staff. For this reason, it is vital that room attendants have excellent time management skills. This is a job that requires attention to detail and a positive attitude.

Training is generally on-the-job, and job requirements can include training in housekeeping or janitorial services. Although certifications are not necessary, some companies will prefer applicants with at least some of these qualifications.

Besides basic hospitality skills, room attendants must have excellent customer service skills. They should be able to greet guests and answer their questions and handle complaints and issues with courtesy and professionalism. Some employers also prefer candidates who have formal hospitality training.


The Room Attendant is responsible for the cleanliness of rooms in a hotel. Their job requires them to wash and put back linens. They may also be tasked with cleaning the laundry room. They also report broken items to the maintenance department or front desk.

Some room attendants may be assigned other duties as well, such as checking on the health and safety of guests.

As the hospitality industry continues to grow, the need for highly qualified room attendants is increasing. More people are traveling for business or pleasure, so it is crucial to offer excellent customer service.

It is important to be familiar with industry trends and have the skills to handle difficult customers. The hospitality industry is changing to focus on customer service rather than price. Those with customer service skills and a good attitude can make a great impression on hotel guests.

Job Benefits

A job as a room attendant in a hotel can be rewarding for those with customer service skills. These positions typically work in hotels, motels, or hospitals. They often work irregular hours and may be on call 24 hours a day.

They are usually in teams of two and may work under the supervision of a housekeeping manager or other employee. This job requires a lot of attention to detail, including cleaning a variety of objects and surfaces.

A career as a room attendant is a good entry point for a career in the hospitality industry. They are responsible for cleaning guest rooms and other parts of a hotel. Their job duties include changing linens, vacuuming carpets, and sanitizing bathrooms.

A successful room attendant will follow instructions carefully and be able to work quickly under pressure. As their experience grows, they may be able to advance into other roles, such as floor supervisor or executive housekeeper.


Room attendant salaries range from minimum wage to $27,003 per year or $13.85 per hour on average. Many room attendants believe their salary is sufficient for the area where they live. This is because the job is not considered demanding and requires minimal training.

A hotel room attendant's salary can vary based on experience and geographical location. Typically, room attendants work under the supervision of a head attendant, but they may also be given responsibility for minor problems that may arise.

In most cases, room attendants begin by assessing the rooms and removing any personal items from beds. Next, they clean the room according to the standards set by the employer. Room attendant salaries vary widely depending on the size of the hotel and experience.

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