Recruitment For Receptionist Jobs In USA – Apply Now!!!

Recruitment For Receptionist Jobs in the USA

If you are looking for Receptionist Jobs, you’ve come to the right place! ANS Consultants Inc. Company has urgent recruitment for Receptionists. Here are the details about the position.

You must be well organized, have excellent communication skills, and have good time management skills. Receptionists are the first contact for clients, often working with delivery personnel, clients, and other public service members. They report to an Office Manager.

Urgent Recruitment for Receptionist

A Receptionist is needed for an organization based in the United States. This organization is known for its rapid growth. This position requires a high school diploma and administrative experience.

This position will also provide its employee with free shipping. To apply for this job, please send your resume to the contact details provided below. We’ll be in touch with you soon. The application process is easy, so don’t delay!

As a receptionist, you will be working with clients, taking messages, and managing a variety of administrative tasks. Receptionists handle everything from checking credit, checking cashier work, accepting daily mail, and answering phones.

Job Description

Receptionists handle many tasks, including taking messages, setting up appointments, and maintaining employee files. These jobs require a high degree of organization and strong communication skills.

Many positions require previous experience as receptionists, and many are also highly sought after by large corporations.

A receptionist’s duties vary widely but typically include greeting and directing visitors and clients, answering phones, sorting mail, and handling incoming and outgoing mail. Some jobs include acting as de facto office managers.

Receptionists may also oversee the provision of stationery and oversee the distribution of papers and files. They may even coordinate travel arrangements and traffic.

In addition to answering phones and providing friendly service, receptionists may also perform administrative duties, such as processing invoices and arranging business meetings.

Job Details

Hiring Organization ANS Consultants, Inc
Post Name Hotel Cleaner
Qualification Degree in Business Administration or similar
Industry Business
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $20 Hourly
Location South Plainfield, NJ, USA 07080


Receptionists are a crucial part of a business, and they must be highly organized, have excellent communication skills, and be proficient in Microsoft Office applications. Prior experience in a similar role is also helpful.

Receptionists greet visitors, route messages, and distribute mail daily. Their job also involves working closely with delivery staff and other public service workers.

Receptionists are usually the first point of contact for customers, and they must be friendly, courteous, and capable of managing multiple tasks.

Receptionists are responsible for providing administrative support for the entire organization. They welcome guests, answer phones, prepare rooms, sort mail, and arrange travel arrangements for company staff.

They must have excellent communication and organizational skills, and a friendly, professional demeanor. Receptionists are responsible for many tasks within the organization, and their job descriptions can vary. However, they are usually reported to a supervisor.


Receptionists use complex telephone systems to communicate with customers, so a strong knowledge of word-processing and spreadsheet programs is a must. The ability to keep organized and manage other employees is also necessary.

Some positions require stocking waiting areas and organizing supplies. But these are only some of the skills you need to get a receptionist job. To find out more about what these jobs require, check out the list below.

Receptionists also handle mail and emails, so you should be skilled in handling these. Nowadays, many businesses use mail management software, such as Mailroom by PackageX, to automate the process of handling mail.

To be eligible for receptionist jobs in the USA, you need to possess these skills. A good memory is an essential requirement. It helps you anticipate customer needs and communicate clearly with clients.

If you have excellent communication skills, then you’re already one step ahead of the competition. Although receptionists are already well-versed in many of the skills mentioned above, they can improve on them by pursuing further education and training.

Among the newest skills, two revolve around technology. More than one-third of employers will prefer candidates with skills in these fields. These skills are in high demand, so if you’re already a receptionist, consider improving your existing skills.


As a receptionist, you are responsible for greeting and directing customers. You also route messages, keep track of employee files, and distribute mail. Your job entails high volume and requires good organizational skills.

Many companies require experience in planning, record-keeping, and records management. Other responsibilities may include operating standard office equipment.

Receptionists are employed in virtually every industry, and most of them work in areas where the public can view them. The job may require you to answer multiple phone calls, deal with difficult visitors, and provide excellent customer service.

Most receptionists work full time, although some work night and weekend hours. Other positions are available in hospitals.

Many positions require previous experience as receptionists, and many are also highly sought after by large corporations. The hiring requirements for receptionists vary by industry, but many positions require a high school diploma and excellent communication skills.

Receptionists and front-office clerks perform many administrative tasks for offices. They answer phones, distribute mail to the entire office, schedule and document meetings, and type documents as needed.

The duties of a front-office clerk vary, but they are both responsible for greeting clients and managing the office’s budget.

Front-office clerks must have good communication and business writing skills, and be able to handle sensitive documents. As a result, receptionists and clerks tend to earn more than the average American.

Job Benefits

Receptionists are responsible for greeting visitors at the front desk of an office, and making a good first impression is crucial for the growth of the business. In addition to being courteous and professional, receptionists are required to multitask.

They must be able to manage information and communicate well with clients and coworkers. Benefits of receptionist jobs include flexibility, a variety of tasks, and good communication skills. The following are some of the key benefits of working as a receptionist.

Receptionists earn well. Depending on their experience, they can earn $40,000 or even more a year. They can move up the ladder if they wish. Receptionists can pursue their higher education and work their way up to office management.

The flexibility of working in the front office means that they can learn about different parts of the business and advance their career. Besides receiving a good salary, receptionists can help other departments with their work.


The average salary for Receptionist Jobs in the USA is around  $28,282 per year or $14.50 per hour. Receptionist salaries vary from state to state. The salary range for the same position may vary by as much as 5%.

In comparison, salaries for similar professions in the US are comparable to one another. If you have a strong interest in working as a Receptionist, there are several careers you can consider.

As a receptionist, you will be working with clients, taking messages, and managing a variety of administrative tasks. Receptionists handle everything from checking credit, checking cashier work, accepting daily mail, and answering phones.

You’ll be responsible for answering phone calls, transferring them, and directing visitors to where they need to go. Similarly, you’ll be interacting with customers and sending out correspondence.


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