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Recruitment For Marketing Manager Jobs in the USA

Looking for a job in a marketing management role? BCforward Company is currently looking for a Marketing Manager. You can read more about the details of the job below.

A marketing manager must have a master’s degree, two years of experience, and extensive knowledge of marketing channels, strategies, and branding. Excellent communication, analytical, and leadership skills are also essential. Time management is also a vital attribute.

Urgent Recruitment for Marketing Manager

We are seeking experienced and talented Marketing Managers to work in our client’s business development teams. This role will be responsible for building and nurturing strong, profitable customer relationships.

This position will also work closely with counterparts in the Sales organization to develop new business and strategic relationships.

Successful candidates will have experience building cross-functional relationships, operating at both the tactical and strategic levels, and delivering holistic marketing solutions.

We are seeking candidates with a proven track record of delivering business results and who are comfortable with ambiguity.

Job Description

The key to a good marketing manager’s job is to know the key responsibilities of the position. This position plans programs to create new leads and advance existing opportunities.

You will work as the link between the sales and marketing teams and develop tactics to penetrate targeted accounts.

You should include relevant skills, such as data analysis and analytical thinking, as well as your experience in marketing and sales. To get the right salary for your position, include your previous salary, experience, and current salary range.

As the name suggests, marketing managers identify and develop products and services for companies. They also suggest sales strategies and measure the results of marketing efforts.

In addition to developing marketing plans, marketing managers may also serve as a partner to finance departments, research market potentials, and implement sales and advertising campaigns.

They manage and plan various marketing activities, including advertising, ad copy, events, and social media. Often, marketing managers oversee the entire marketing process and collaborate across departments to ensure the success of marketing programs.

BCforward Company

BCForward is looking for an ambitious Marketing Manager to join its team. As the marketing team leader, you will oversee the development and execution of our marketing campaigns. You will be able to leverage the various tools available to achieve our objectives.

As a part of the BCForward team, you will also be the main point of contact for external teams. You will be expected to provide updates on the latest developments in the Xbox Sports business and uncover new opportunities to grow our company.

BCforward is an MBE-certified consulting firm based in Indiana. They serve Fortune 100 companies, state and local governments, public school districts, and other clients across multiple industries.

Job Details

Hiring Organization BCforward
Post Name Marketing Manager
Qualification Must have experience presenting to leadership, being persuasive in negotiations, and comfortable presenting to large groups.
Industry Private
Employment Type Contractor
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $45 to $50 Hourly
Location Redmond, WA, USA 98008


Marketing managers are responsible for identifying new products and developing sales strategies. They also evaluate marketing campaigns to gauge results.

Marketing managers often partner with finance departments and salespeople to evaluate new markets before production begins.

Marketing managers oversee the implementation of marketing strategies and activities. They manage marketing communications and may oversee media personnel or external PR agencies.

They also analyze the results of marketing efforts and sales campaigns to ensure success. The highest-paid marketing managers work in the technical, scientific, and professional services sectors, but they must possess substantial experience.

A bachelor’s degree is generally required for this position. Once you’ve achieved your degree, marketing managers can choose to work in a variety of fields.


A successful marketing manager must have strong communication and sales skills. He or she must also be creative, and be able to juggle multiple projects at once. A good understanding of current marketing trends is important as well.

Good leadership skills are also important, and the ability to train others is an asset. Strong computer skills are also an asset. It’s advisable to get on-the-job training.

Marketing managers must have a strong understanding of digital and traditional advertising. They must know how to conduct A/B tests and optimize the usability of websites. The usability of a site directly affects the credibility of the brand.

Finally, digital and social media managers must be adept at communicating with stakeholders. Regardless of the type of job, these managers are responsible for ensuring that the marketing efforts are effective and meet the needs of the company.


Marketing managers identify products, recommend sales strategies, and measure marketing results. These professionals coordinate all efforts of a company’s marketing department.

Approximately one-fourth of all marketing managers were employed in professional, scientific, and technical services.

Marketing managers develop, implement, and evaluate marketing plans for existing products, as well as identify new markets and determine the viability of potential products before production begins.

The Responsibilities of marketing managers vary greatly among job titles and companies. In general, marketing managers work in corporations across a variety of industries.

They coordinate and implement marketing campaigns, coordinate staff, and supervise the company’s budget. Depending on their role, they may also plan brand events and product launches.

Marketing managers must possess extensive knowledge of marketing strategies and identify new business leads. Those with superior marketing skills can increase brand awareness and profitability.

They must have excellent communication skills and be adept at handling multiple stakeholders. They are responsible for coordinating advertising campaigns, overseeing the marketing department’s staff, and preparing quarterly and annual reports.

Marketing managers are often responsible for promoting the brand at major industry events and preparing annual reports.

Job Benefits

There are many benefits associated with marketing manager jobs. In addition to the benefits listed above, many marketing managers enjoy high health coverage, 401k savings plans, and paid vacation days.

Additionally, some marketing managers are eligible for discounts on gym memberships, company stock, and other benefits. Moreover, marketing managers have numerous opportunities for career advancement.

These roles include senior sales management and advertising manager positions. Using analytical and creative skills, marketing managers plan and implement marketing campaigns.

They manage and plan various marketing activities, including advertising, ad copy, events, and social media. Often, marketing managers oversee the entire marketing process and collaborate across departments to ensure the success of marketing programs.

Moreover, they are responsible for reporting on marketing metrics and providing cross-functional leadership to the organization. While this job requires significant initiative and hard work, it can be very rewarding.


A marketing manager can expect to earn at least $69,112 per year in the USA. The average annual salary increment is 8%, but this is not the case everywhere.

In fact, some areas pay more than others. However, if you’re looking for a higher salary, a higher education may be a better option. This post will give you the chance to earn a higher salary than what you currently have.

A marketing manager’s role is to identify potential customers and develop sales strategies to meet these needs. They also supervise the efforts of the marketing department.

A marketing manager’s salary depends on the industry, and they must have extensive experience and a bachelor’s degree.


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