Receptionist Jobs in Canada

Receptionist Jobs in Canada

Receptionists are now included in the targeted occupation list for the Canada Immigration program. The Canadian government has added Receptionists to the National Occupation Code in Demand (NOCID) list.

Urgent Recruitment for Receptionist

The successful applicant should have excellent interpersonal and telephone skills, as well as good time management and organizational skills. Candidates should also be able to function under pressure and demonstrate good judgment in challenging situations.

There are a lot of advantages to becoming a receptionist in Canada. Receptionist positions in Canada typically offer a decent salary and flexible work schedules. Most Canadian receptionist jobs offer good benefits, including health insurance and retirement plans.

These benefits make it possible to take care of yourself and your family while working a rewarding career. Receptionist jobs in Canada are competitive, but the good news is that they are low-stress and offer many opportunities for advancement.

Many Canadian receptionists work part-time and can even qualify for a PR visa if they want to stay in Canada permanently.

Job Description

A job as a receptionist in a hotel in Canada offers excellent scope for career growth. Many international tourists visit Canada each year, making it a prime place to work in a hotel.

The receptionist is responsible for welcoming international guests and giving them information about the hotel. Some hotels prefer to hire young females for this position.

However, there are some male receptionists as well. In any case, a good receptionist can help get a guest into the hotel.

A receptionist's role in a hotel or office is vital to the success of a business. The role requires an individual with excellent organizational skills and a high degree of customer service.

A receptionist might also be referred to as a front desk coordinator, and their role is similar to that of a receptionist. If you want to work in an international hotel, it would be best to get experience first before pursuing a career as a receptionist.

Wells Fargo Advisors Finet Company

Looking for a receptionist job? There are several options available with Wells Fargo Advisors. They are an equal opportunity employer and are committed to helping their clients reach their financial goals.

The company is also an affirmative action employer. Receptionists are needed for many different departments, including investment services. For more information on these opportunities, visit Wells Fargo's website. This website includes information on job openings in Canada.

The firm's independent channel is staffed with advisers who have extensive experience in the financial industry.

Additionally, the firm added Rob Wiggins and Matthew Sayers, who each previously worked for First Citizens Investor Services. The firm is also seeking receptionists in other parts of Canada, including Calgary, Edmonton, and Toronto.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Wells Fargo Advisors Finet
Post Name Receptionist
Qualification The ideal candidate is someone who takes pride in their everyday tasks, is mature and highly responsible, and can function effectively as part of a team as well as be able to work independently.
Industry Business
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $16 to $21 Hourly
Location Melville, NY, USA 11735


Receptionists are employed in a wide variety of settings and may qualify for Express Entry for Canada residency. Receptionists are responsible for greeting visitors, answering phones, scheduling appointments, and performing other clerical duties.

They may work in medical, dental, or public offices. Other jobs may be available in the healthcare sector, such as telephone operators. The job outlook for receptionists varies across provinces, so it is best to research specific requirements before submitting your application.

The Receptionist Job Details in Canada require strong customer service skills and organizational abilities. This role requires excellent telephone skills, excellent interpersonal skills, and strong time management skills.

Good time management skills and the ability to prioritize tasks are also required. Candidates should be able to work under pressure and exercise sound judgment in stressful situations.

This position has a high potential for growth. However, applicants should be aware of the risks associated with it.


Receptionists have a variety of duties in a wide variety of industries, including greeting and scheduling customers, taking messages, operating telephone systems, and directing customers to appropriate departments.

They may also deal with emergency situations, credit card payments, and record appointments. Skills for receptionist jobs in Canada include good time management, the ability to prioritize tasks, and excellent interpersonal skills.

In addition to these core tasks, receptionists may be responsible for managing and maintaining a telephone system. Receptionists from all over the world can apply for permanent residency in Canada by meeting specific requirements.

In order to qualify, applicants must have the relevant skills, qualifications, and experience. All receptionist positions fall under NOC category 1241.

Some receptionists also work as supervisors, training other office personnel to follow proper procedures and use current software. As a result, it is vital that applicants list these skills and qualifications on their Express Entry applications.


The Responsibilities of Receptionist Jobs in Canada include greeting visitors and providing general information. Other duties include answering phone calls, maintaining front-desk security, and taking and sending messages.

In addition, receptionists are often the first point of contact for many customers. They may be directly responsible for keeping the workplace tidy, answering phones professionally, or managing junior administrative staff.

Many people believe receptionist jobs in Canada are part-time or temporary positions. However, the reality is that they are fulfilling careers, with high earning potential, flexible schedules, and excellent prospects for advancement.

Many of these positions require a high level of interpersonal skills and the ability to prioritize work and multitask. Furthermore, a receptionist must be well-organized and be able to work under pressure.

To apply for a Canadian immigration program, Receptionists from across the world must have the relevant skills, experience, and qualifications. Receptionists are included in the National Occupation Code in Demand List (NOC) in Canada.

A receptionist's job duties can range from training and supervising office staff to using current software. In the Express Entry application, it is crucial to list all skills that would benefit the applicant in the role of a receptionist.

Job Benefits

Receptionists in Canada are in demand because of their ability to make people feel welcome and comfortable. The salary benefits are excellent, as are the benefits of working in a professional office.

A job as a receptionist entails a wide range of responsibilities and perks. Duties include greeting clients and handling phone calls. They must also have excellent interpersonal skills and be able to prioritize tasks.

Receptionists should be able to work well under pressure and display good judgment when dealing with difficult situations. Some employers require bilingual candidates.


The average salary for receptionist jobs in Canada is $29,250 per year or $15 per hour. This can vary, depending on the type of company and years of experience. Receptionists usually receive an annual salary increment of 9%.

The salary for receptionist jobs in Canada is much higher than the average salary for receptionists in other countries. Many receptionist jobs in Canada are part-time and often involve less work. This career has high earning potential and wide career prospects.

In addition, new permanent residents of Canada are eligible to start working full-time as soon as they arrive. You can start applying for receptionist jobs right away.

You can also apply for receptionist jobs online in Canada using one of several resources that provide a variety of job options.

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