Production Worker Jobs in the USA

Production Worker Jobs in the USA

With the United States experiencing a severe economic recession, many manufacturing jobs are in danger. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that there will be a slight resurgence in manufacturing jobs in the Midwest and West.

In the meantime, many jobs are centered in these hubs. This means that there are plenty of opportunities for those with manufacturing backgrounds.

Urgent Recruitment for Production Worker

There is a huge shortage of skilled production workers in the USA, and this shortage is predicted to grow over the next decade.

As a result, there are approximately 2 million jobs unfilled, and another 700,000 are expected to be created in the next decade as businesses continue to grow.

Seven out of 10 manufacturing executives report that they lack the technical and problem-solving skills necessary to do their jobs. In fact, it can take an average of 70 days to find skilled production workers.

Obviously, such a long vacancy period will have a significant impact on the business, and the industry as a whole.

Job Description

A production worker is a hands-on employee who works with machinery to refine materials and produce products. They may work in a pharmaceutical or food production facility, or in a factory that produces parts for cars and airplanes.

The work of production workers requires basic math functions and good computer operation skills. Production workers may be required to work in a factory as late as 2 am. They are also required to be well-trained.

When looking for production worker jobs, consider the state that the job is based. States like Illinois, California, and Illinois offer a variety of opportunities. Shop around and find the one that offers you the best pay, schedule, and benefits.

You may also be eligible to receive a scholarship or other financial assistance. Then, you’ll be in a better position to negotiate a better salary and benefits package with a production company.

Production workers keep the production processes running smoothly by operating machines, cleaning workstations, and assembling parts. They are responsible for ensuring that manufacturing standards are met and that production equipment is properly maintained.

They also work to ensure that products are of high quality and follow health and safety policies. They may also be responsible for performing basic quality checks and sanitizing the production area.

Whether it’s making shoes, clothes, or appliances, production workers must follow the manufacturer’s safety rules and regulations.

Ascend Staffing Company

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Job Details

Hiring Organization Ascend Staffing
Post Name Production Worker
Qualification Excellent interpersonal skills and communication with all levels of management
Industry Manufacturing
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $15 Hourly
Location Woodland, WA, USA 98674


If you’re looking for a job in production, consider the details of a Production Worker job. This role involves repetitive heavy physical duties, including lifting items that can weigh up to 130 pounds.

Additionally, this position is often responsible for the cleaning and housekeeping of a manufacturing facility’s workspace. Additionally, this position requires an understanding of manufacturing drawings.

A Production Worker’s duties may also include assisting machine operators and operating machinery. They may also be required to troubleshoot manufacturing processes and ensure products are produced correctly.

These workers perform various production processes in factories, including the assembly of product parts, operating equipment, and ensuring the quality of the finished product.

A production worker also monitors inventory levels and assists in the shipping of items, following factory safety guidelines and operating equipment. They also clean workstations and follow proper health and safety procedures.


Production worker jobs typically require a high school diploma, although many people start as entry-level production workers and progress through the company’s ranks to become managers or supervisors.

Production workers work under the direct supervision of management and learn the processes of the employer. It’s also helpful to have prior experience in a manufacturing environment, although this is not essential.

A production worker is a hands-on employee who operates equipment and machinery in a factory. He or she helps to produce a wide range of products.

This position requires a high level of flexibility in a variety of settings, and he or she may also be required to shift from one task to another.

A production worker also must be able to match the pace of their work to the speed of the machines they operate. Some production workers may work in warehouses or factories, preparing items for distribution.


The production worker’s job is a complex one, with heavy physical duties that include assembling products, operating equipment, and checking for defects.

They work closely with other production workers to meet deadlines and ensure quality, and they are responsible for keeping their work areas clean.

Other responsibilities include quality control and troubleshooting. In addition to these responsibilities, production workers may also be responsible for maintaining an efficient pace and a high level of accuracy.

Although a production worker does not necessarily need a college degree, they do need to be able to complete an apprenticeship to learn the process. Many of these positions begin as entry-level positions and progress into other roles.

Production workers must be able to work in a team and learn the procedures of their employer. Some employers prefer production workers to have previous experience in a manufacturing environment, though it is not necessary.

Although production jobs tend to be entry-level, this does not mean that they are not skillful. Since these positions typically involve repetitive tasks, employees can develop muscle memory, tunnel vision, and precision as they perform their work.

This can make them more efficient and accurate and may lead to higher wages. Fortunately, many companies now offer educational benefits for production workers, including tuition reimbursement and scholarships.

Job Benefits

A Production Worker is someone who performs production work in a factory. They process and assemble products and carry out quality control tasks to ensure the products meet the company’s standards.

They also operate equipment and assist in packaging tasks. Production workers are essential to the production process. These workers have the potential to earn high salaries and benefits. In the USA, these jobs are widely sought after. The benefits of these positions are numerous, and they offer many job options.

You can expect to work overtime hours as a production worker. As long as you are willing to work long hours, you can expect to earn a decent income and enjoy many benefits.

But remember, production worker jobs are not for everyone. If you have the right qualifications, you can earn the highest salary in the USA.


The salary of production worker jobs in the USA varies widely. Generally, salaries for production workers range from $28,272 per year to $39,016 per year. However, some positions are unionized and pay more than average.

If you are considering a career in the manufacturing industry, here are some things you should know. Before you apply for a job, be sure to read all job descriptions carefully. Also, remember to always consider your educational background and your work history.

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