Office & Systems Administrator Jobs in the USA

 Office & Systems Administrator Jobs in the USA

Sky's the Limit Fund Company is hiring for a Systems Administrator. Learn about the job requirements and the company. To apply for this position, please visit the website of Sky's Limit Fund Company. This article has the necessary qualifications for an Office & Systems Administrator. It also includes job descriptions and details. Read on for more information.

Urgent Recruitment for Office & Systems Administrator

If you are looking for an IT job, you have found the right place. Sky's the Limit Fund Company is currently hiring a systems administrator to join its IT team. The job requires smart, skilled admins to run the company's IT department. This opportunity might be 100% remote. To learn more about this position, please read on.

As a Systems Administrator, you'll be responsible for overseeing the functioning of an enterprise network. You'll be responsible for managing computer hardware and software, ensuring the proper use of IT policies, and closing IT Help Desk tickets.

You'll be responsible for implementing wireless networks and monitoring security systems. Other responsibilities will include overseeing access control and alarm systems in office buildings. These are just a few of the many duties of this job.

Job Description

The Office & Systems Administrator Job Description in the US includes the duties of a system administrator, including user account and permissions management, antivirus and anti-spam software, printers, security, and network utilities.

This role requires a broad range of experience, including working with desktop operating systems, desktop applications, and VMware. Applicants should have experience with desktop operating systems, Office 365, VMware, and other technologies and applications.

An Office & Systems Administrator's role is to oversee the maintenance and security of company computer systems and intranets. They are also responsible for responding to employee concerns, drafting documents to guide employees, and collaborating with company leadership on new technologies.

The position requires a top-secret clearance, which is only issued after an adjudicated and fully vetted background check. Applicants must be U.S. citizens in order to work under a government contract.

The Office & Systems Administrator job description in the USA describes the duties of an office computer network administrator.

They are responsible for determining the needs of the organization's computers and network systems, installing hardware, maintaining network security, and training employees on how to use computer systems.

Sky's the Limit Fund Company

The Sky's the Limit Fund is a nonprofit organization that provides grants and other support to at-risk youth. Located in Los Altos, California, the company is dedicated to combating emotional disorders among adolescents.

Their programs include wilderness therapy, which removes the influence of media and other distractions. Depending on your skill level, you may choose a part-time or full-time position.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Sky's the Limit Fund
Post Name Office & Systems Administrator
Qualification Skilled in technology and systems. Will work daily with Raiser Edge/NXT (donor database), WordPress, and MS Office applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel).
Industry Business
Employment Type Part-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $20 to $25 Hourly
Location Milpitas, CA, USA 95035

To land an Office & Systems Administrator job in the USA, you need to be familiar with a variety of software applications. Network administrators are expected to know about network security and firewalls.

If you have experience with cloud applications, this is an added bonus. System administrators can wear many hats at a smaller organization. And because they are needed to ensure the smooth running of a business's IT infrastructure, they're in high demand.

An Office & Systems Administrator will be responsible for the smooth functioning of a company's computer systems. Computers are crucial for a wide range of business operations. This job entails managing the networks and workstation connectivity.

System administrators also develop policies and long-term strategic goals for computer systems. They also collaborate with department managers and end-users to make sure the system is compatible with the company's goals.


If you're searching for a job as an Office & Systems Administrator, there are some common skills that most employers expect to see. While these skills may not be unique to this profession, they are necessary for this type of position.

Read through the job description to determine the specific skills needed for this role. If the employer hasn't stated this, it may be a good idea to research the skills mentioned in job descriptions to better position yourself to land the job.

Good communication and critical thinking skills are necessary for systems administrators. The ability to effectively communicate with staff and co-workers is a critical skill because systems administrators must work with many different departments and teams.

They must be able to communicate verbally and in writing. Ultimately, they need to be able to use the computer network to improve the lives of others. These skills are not merely technical, though.


Office & systems administrators work in a variety of environments. While most are initially stationed at a desk, they will often need to remotely take over other computers to troubleshoot problems. They also need to be able to receive approval over the phone.

A systems administrator's resume should outline their responsibilities and previous experience. A systems administrators also handle the day-to-day operations of computer systems and monitor internet performance and availability.

Their duties also include monitoring Krono's activities and troubleshooting system failures. They also assist other users of the network and create documentation to explain system issues.

The responsibilities of an Office & Systems Administrator position may include the management of user accounts and permissions, email, anti-virus, and spam filters, network utilities, printing, and security.

An Office & Systems Administrator will maintain and update computer networks. A network administrator will also provide network access for users and perform installation, maintenance, and support functions.

This job will also ensure that a company follows licensing agreements for software. This administrator also performs preventative maintenance on computer equipment. They will also change printer cartridges.

In addition to maintaining networks, an Office & Systems Administrator will also ensure that computers and equipment are working properly. They'll also perform preventative maintenance and upgrade software.

Job Benefits

Whether you're a new college graduate or a seasoned veteran of the IT industry, you can find great Office & Systems Administrator job benefits in the USA. These positions can earn high salaries, and some even progress into more senior roles.

Increasingly, companies rely on technology to run their operations, and as a result, there's a growing need for qualified IT professionals.

While working as a systems administrator may be demanding, it's also extremely rewarding when everything goes smoothly. These jobs offer great job security and excellent pay. And because they work in an ever-evolving field, there's plenty of room for growth.


While the low-end salary for systems administrators tends to fluctuate less than the high-end salary, it does vary quite a bit. Typically, systems administrators earn between $60 and $76k per year. However, some employers may offer higher salaries to attract top candidates.

In general, salaries for systems administrators range from $63,000 to $76,053 annually. Whether you're new to this field or have years of experience, the salary ranges for office & systems administrator jobs in the USA are high.

Most administrators have extensive experience in managing and maintaining computer networks and network infrastructures. Their job duties include managing and maintaining computer systems, fixing hardware and software problems, and installing and supporting network infrastructure.

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