Medical Assistant Jobs in Canada

Medical Assistant Jobs in Canada

These positions require excellent communication skills in both English and French. They are also responsible for scheduling shifts and managing multiple clinic/office locations.

The most important quality of this position is commitment and reliability. In addition, these assistants must be flexible with scheduling, have excellent reading and writing skills, and be enthusiastic about lifelong learning and development.

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Job Description

The Medical Assistant job description in Canada includes a variety of administrative and secretarial duties, including patient scheduling, record management, and transcription. Medical assistants may also be responsible for training and supervising other medical staff.

In addition to performing administrative duties, medical assistants can also perform clinical duties, such as preparing patients for examinations, administering injections, and operating electrocardiographs.

A medical assistant’s salary varies greatly in Canada and varies by location, type of employer, and level of experience. While many positions require a high school diploma and/or a certificate, a Medical Assistant can work independently or as a team member.

Medical Assistants who serve in the Reserve Force may begin training with their home unit. They also must meet basic military standards, such as taking a professional driver’s course and completing military medical training.

They may also be required to take communications and military training in order to perform their duties.

Commonwealth Medical Center Company

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Job Details

Hiring Organization Commonwealth Medical Center
Post Name Medical Assistant
Qualification Previous experience in healthcare administration or other related fields
Industry Healthcare
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $17 to $26 Hourly
Location Fairfax, VA, USA 22030


The duties of a medical assistant are varied, but in general, their main job is to provide administrative and clinical support to physicians and other healthcare professionals.

Administrative responsibilities include medical records management, medical report transcription, and patient appointment scheduling. Clinical duties vary widely, depending on the type of office and the level of experience required.

These assistants typically help doctors treat patients while assisting physicians with basic clinical tasks. The scope of duties a medical assistant performs is defined by his or her specialty.

For example, medical assistants in cardiology may administer diagnostic tests, assist with procedures for women, or administer injections. Medical assistants in ophthalmology may also administer eye drugs and perform diagnostic tests.

In family medicine, medical assistants often perform blood pressure checks, conduct strep tests, and interact directly with patients. These assistants are also responsible for answering telephones and assisting physicians in patient care.


Medical assistants have a variety of duties and must possess excellent customer service skills. They must be able to triage patients, perform basic life support tasks, and interview patients. They also need to be compassionate and patient when they encounter difficult patients.

In addition, they must be capable of maintaining confidentiality. While this job requires no advanced degree, it does require some training to be successful.

The list of skills needed for medical assistant jobs in Canada should include customer service, telephone skills, and basic computer skills. A medical assistant must be detail-oriented and dedicated to accuracy. Good interpersonal skills are also important.

This position requires the ability to multitask and prioritize tasks. Other skills needed to be successful include the ability to speak a foreign language and a strong commitment to patient care.


Generally speaking, medical assistants are responsible for administrative tasks and patient support. Their duties range from taking a patient’s medical history, filling out patient forms, answering phones, and even performing receptionist duties.

They may also be responsible for performing basic laboratory tests or administering immunizations. They may also conduct X-rays, perform ECG readings, and even conduct lab samples.

As a medical assistant, your responsibilities will vary, depending on the facility you work for. Some jobs will require longer hours than others, which may not be suitable for working parents who have children.

Other jobs may require less work, but they may require you to sacrifice your social life. Despite the many benefits of working in a clinical setting, you should also consider the long hours required.

While some employers might require you to work irregular hours, it will be necessary to work some evenings and weekends to balance your life.

In addition to dealing with patients, medical assistants will encounter various diseases and pathogens in their bodies. They may also draw blood from patients. The responsibilities associated with such jobs can be overwhelming.

To make the right choice for your career, consider the pros and cons of becoming a medical assistant. The pros outweigh the cons when deciding to become a medical assistant. So, if you have the right qualifications, you’re on the right track.

Job Benefits

Those who are looking for a job can enjoy many benefits of a career as a medical assistant. Medical assistants will work with patients of all ages, as well as senior citizens and colleagues with different knowledge and experience levels.

They will have the chance to gain new skills and knowledge through hands-on training. They will be exposed to new technologies and treatments and can keep abreast of the latest advances in medical science.

Medical assistants will also enjoy benefits including health insurance, paid time off, and tuition reimbursement. In addition to benefits like higher salaries, medical assistant jobs in Canada offer educational opportunities.

Many institutions will offer free education to medical assistants if they agree to work for a certain number of years.

However, some institutions will reimburse you for the credits you’ve earned. In this way, you can advance in your career and increase your salary for free.

There are a variety of other benefits offered to medical assistants, including paid holidays and sick days, as well as tuition reimbursement.

The benefits offered by a medical assistant can vary, but they are typically competitive and include health insurance, social security, and short-term disability.

Students will learn healthcare software, medical office procedures, and clinical support. In addition to clinical support, students will learn about healthcare policies and practices.

Once they have finished their training, they can apply for jobs in various health care settings and earn a higher salary.


In Canada, the average salary for Medical Assistant is $39,000 per year or $20 per hour. The salary ranges from $30,911 to $48,853. The highest education level for a Medical Assistant is a High School Diploma.

A Medical Assistant’s salary can vary widely depending on the employer and level of education.

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