Meat Packer Jobs in the USA

Meat Packer Jobs in the USA

If you're looking for a meat packer job in the USA, you've come to the right place. Meat packer jobs can be found on over 20 job boards.

Urgent Recruitment for Meat Packer

If you're looking for a career in meat packaging, then you've come to the right place. Meat packers pack meat and work in a clean, organized environment.

They follow OSHA and FDA safety guidelines, and they must adhere to strict quality standards. They also must be able to lift heavy objects.

Meat packers sort and package animal products for wholesalers and retailers. Their job duties include inspecting, washing, grinding, and shaving meat, operating and maintaining equipment, and placing the products in special packaging materials.

Meat packers should have a high school diploma or GED and strong teamwork skills. This job is physically demanding and requires long hours. The work is intense and can lead to injuries, so proper protective gear is essential.

Job Description

A meat packer should have some knowledge about plant and animal biology. He should also know how to properly handle, process, and store meat products in order to ensure their safety.

Moreover, he should be proficient in the use of different packing machines and equipment. In addition, he should have good communication skills, as he will need to share information with his co-workers and supervisors.

A meat packer's job involves packaging, wrapping, and sealing food products for sale. He is also responsible for checking equipment and containers for cleanliness and functionality.

Although he does not require formal education, he will need some experience. He must be physically fit in order to handle heavy products.

Experienced meat packers can move on to higher positions at larger meat-packing companies. They can also become independent contractors and open their own businesses.

Pinn-Oak Ridge Farms

Pinn-Oak Ridge Farms in Wisconsin produces high-quality, hormone-free lamb. The meat is known for its tender and sweet taste. At the farm, employees process the meat, package and distribute the product.

The Pinnow family manages the 180-acre farm, which houses 200 ewes and a federally monitored processing facility.

Pinn-Oak Ridge Farms in Wisconsin uses a process called vacuum-sealing to preserve the flavor of their lamb. Ground lamb has been a hit with the gourmet burger trend, and is high in omega-3 fatty acids and alpha-linolenic acid.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Pinn-Oak Ridge Farms
Post Name Meat Cutter Butcher/Packer
Qualification A family-owned meat processing facility looking for the right person to harvest, process, cut, label, and package meat.
Industry Private
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $13 to $15 Hourly
Location Delavan, WI, USA 53115


Meat packers work in grocery stores and prepare meat for clients. In order to land this job, you must have a food handler permit and be 18 years of age.

The job requires a good understanding of the process of food production, verbal and written communication skills, and the ability to lift heavy products.

Meat packers are responsible for processing large amounts of meat. They must also know how to use machinery to trim and package meat. Moreover, they must be able to read production schedules and follow procedures.

Those with relevant experience may also become independent contractors and open their own businesses. Meat packers work in grocery stores, butcheries, and ranches.

The main tasks of a meat packer include packaging meat products, inspecting them, and wrapping them. Their job also involves using power tools and hand tools.

They must be able to lift heavy objects and keep a clean and sanitary work environment. They must also have a basic understanding of food safety.


As a meat packer, you will be responsible for preparing and packing meat. This requires a solid understanding of various cuts of meat and how to prepare them for sale.

You will also need to be familiar with food safety and regulatory standards. You will also need to know how to use tools and machinery to handle a variety of products.

Dexterity – being able to move quickly and easily, and with a minimum amount of strain and effort – is an essential skill for a meat packer. Dexterous hands are required for this job because meat packers have to carefully slice and place meat pieces onto trays or packaging.

Also, they use machinery that requires precision movements. Having good dexterity will make you more efficient and increase your chances of being promoted.

Food Safety – Meat packers must be familiar with food safety and sanitation procedures. In addition to understanding food safety practices, packers should be familiar with the use of industrial-grade food processing machinery.


A meat packer is a job that requires handling raw meat and packaging it for sale. Packers use hand and power tools and are required to measure materials and weigh products. They may also be required to de-bone or trim meat.

Packers also have to be able to operate different types of saws to process the meat. In addition, they must maintain a clean work area and record information about the product.

A person working as a meat packer should possess strong communication skills and good teamwork skills. Many jobs require several people to accomplish a specific task.

For example, a large group may be in charge of cleaning and preparing the meat for packaging. Other large groups may pack the meat.

Meat packers typically work for meat shops. They inspect meat and use saws and grinders to cut and wrap it. They also label products and display them on shelves. They must also help customers and maintain a clean working area.

A meat packer is responsible for preparing and packaging animal products for wholesalers and retailers. The job entails handling and inspecting raw meat, cleaning it, and shaving or grinding it.

Workers in this industry also use specialized packaging equipment to package the products. They also record product information, packaging information, and order information.

Job Benefits

Meat packer jobs can provide a wide variety of benefits for workers. These jobs are typically high paying, and the pay is significantly higher than the federal minimum wage.

The average salary for a meat packer is more than twice that amount. Many companies also offer benefits, like higher PTO, for their employees.

In addition to the benefits of a paycheck, meat packer jobs in the USA also allow workers to be part of a team. In some workplaces, a large group is responsible for cleaning, trimming, and packaging the meat. Other teams are responsible for preparing the meat for shipment.


The salary for meat packer jobs in the USA is determined by several factors, including experience, education, and location. A salary can vary considerably among cities, so it is important to factor in the cost of living when weighing location versus salary.

There are several ways to increase the salary of a meat packer. For one, changing employers can increase income. Another way is by obtaining an advanced degree.

These qualifications will increase your chance of advancement and a higher salary. Having management experience can also increase your income.

Salaries for meat packer jobs in the USA vary greatly, but they can be as high as $35,100 per year. Most slaughterers and packers work in the animal slaughtering industry, while some work in grocery stores and specialty food stores.

On average, a meat packer or slaughterer will earn between $24,375 per year and $30,225 per year.

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