Marketing Manager Jobs in Canada

Marketing Manager Jobs in Canada

A marketing manager’s job entails the creative promotion of an employer’s products or services. You may be asked to get creative and promote an insurance company to convince potential clients to purchase their coverage.

Alternatively, you can join a marketing agency to help advertise and promote another business. Full-time marketers may find positions with smaller firms and agencies. Read on to learn more about these positions and how to apply.

Marketing manager jobs allow you to use your creativity to promote your employer’s services or products. These positions can range from working with insurance companies to marketing agencies that promote other companies.

In some cases, you can also find full-time positions in smaller companies. Read on to learn more about the job description, salary, and responsibilities of marketing managers in Canada.

Then, decide whether it is for you. This article will provide you with an overview of the marketing manager role.

Urgent Recruitment for Marketing Manager

Sales and marketing jobs can be a competitive field, especially for newcomers who lack familiarity with the landscape and culture of their new country. Additionally, marketing and sales roles in Canada are often more niche or specialized, which may overlap with responsibilities in your country of origin.

If you have a strong generalist profile, you may find yourself more attractive to organizations. Nevertheless, if you are able to negotiate the differences between the marketing and sales roles, you will be in a better position to land a dream job in Canada.

Job Description

A job as a Marketing Manager requires extensive knowledge of marketing strategies and an eye for new business leads. In addition to planning and implementing marketing campaigns, an exceptional marketing manager will also develop a brand’s awareness and profit.

This position involves evaluating marketing strategies, preparing forecasts, and coordinating with other departments within a company.

A Marketing Manager’s daily responsibilities also include overseeing advertising campaigns, preparing quarterly and annual reports, managing the marketing department, and promoting the brand at industry-related events.

In general, Marketing Managers are responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies, generating new business leads, and managing marketing budgets.

They oversee various marketing functions including product development, market research, and product promotion. They also work within various media outlets to promote their brand and products. The duties of a marketing manager will vary based on the type of organization they work for.

Job duties will include planning and implementing sales and marketing activities, maximizing profit potential, ensuring customer retention, and coordinating cross-departmental efforts.

The responsibilities of a marketing manager may also include overseeing advertising campaigns, preparing annual reports, and conducting market research. Marketing managers are also responsible for attending major industry-related events and promoting their brands.

ATG Pharma Inc Company

ATG Pharma Inc is an emerging technology and automation solution provider for the healthcare industry. This company serves the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, medical marijuana, and natural health industries. By providing industry-leading automation, ATG helps clients improve efficiency and lower costs.

This company is based in Oakville, ON. The company has recently formed a partnership with Evolve Ltd., a Malta-based distributor of laboratory supplies and specialist scientific equipment. Evolve’s customers include major pharmaceutical companies, public laboratories, universities, and hospitals.

Job Details

Hiring Organization ATG Pharma Inc
Post Name Creative Marketing Manager
Qualification 3+ years of experience managing professional social media accounts
Industry Private
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary CA$70 to CA$90 Annually
Location Oakville, ON, Canada  L4X 1L3

Marketing managers plan and direct advertising campaigns and merchandising sales campaigns for a variety of companies. They may be assigned to one product, a line of products, a brand, or an entire organization.

These managers work closely with other departments to align creative direction with business objectives. In addition to planning and implementing marketing programs, this professional must also be knowledgeable in current design and production methodologies.

Those seeking a career in marketing should be aware of their professional development opportunities and the various requirements for a successful career.

Marketing managers are responsible for developing, implementing, and analyzing marketing plans, product training, and support programs.

They also manage sales tools and catalog data and collaborate with manufacturing plants. This role also requires them to evaluate market trends and analyze results to suggest changes to management.


If you’re interested in working as a marketing manager in Canada, you have come to the right place. Canada’s economy is poised for continued growth over the next several years. Marketing managers are responsible for the advertising, merchandising, and public relations efforts of companies.

Depending on the company, they may be assigned to a single product, line, or brand. To succeed in this job, you’ll need to work with a variety of departments to coordinate efforts, collaborate with product managers, and analyze market research results.

Depending on the province and region you choose, you may have better luck landing a job in British Columbia. As with any job search, you’ll want to be aware of the market for your desired position, and match your education and training to the location where you’d like to work.


As the title suggests, a marketing manager is responsible for overseeing a business’s marketing strategy. The job description typically requires a Bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing, or communications.

While marketing roles in Canada are highly specialized, many organizations are looking for a candidate with a broad range of skills.

In some cases, foreign-trained applicants may be more appealing to organizations, while those with less experience can still find employment in Canada.

In Canada, marketing manager jobs are highly specialized, while sales manager jobs are more generalized.

Some of the duties of marketing managers in Canada overlap with those of their counterparts in the U.S., but some organizations would prefer a broader mix of experience and skills.

While the specific responsibilities of each position will vary, typical responsibilities include product profitability, market research, and customer retention. While there are many benefits to marketing manager jobs in Canada, there are some key requirements to apply.

Job Benefits

If you’re looking for a position in the fast-growing marketing industry in Canada, you have a number of good reasons to consider this field. For one, the Canadian economy is poised for significant growth in the coming years.

Another benefit to marketing manager jobs in Canada is that they can provide excellent opportunities for advancement. Many people working in this field are in their 50s or 60s, so it is possible to enjoy a long and fulfilling career.

The average worker stays in his or her current job until his or her 60s. This career option can provide a person with a fulfilling work-life balance, a good vacation policy, and a pension plan that will keep them financially comfortable in their later years.


Marketing managers earn excellent salaries across the world. Even entry-level marketing positions can be lucrative, earning more than the average North American household income. Indeed, entry-level marketing positions can earn more than ninety percent of the income of most North American households.

The average annual salary for a marketing manager in Canada is $73,528, or $55,000 per year. Senior-level marketing managers earn an average of $121,519, and entry-level marketers make an average of $55,000 per year.

A few factors affect the average salary for a marketing manager in Canada. One important factor to consider is the cost of living.

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