Marketing Coordinator Jobs in Canada

Marketing Coordinator Jobs in Canada

You can find several Marketing Coordinator Jobs in Canada. This position pays well, but the salary can also be very high. Marketing coordinators earn a median salary of $48,826 per year, depending on the industry.

You may find an opportunity to work for a company that provides pet supplies. The Northern Pet Products Inc. Company has an urgent need for a Marketing Coordinator. Please read on to learn more about this job description and company.

Urgent Recruitment for Marketing Coordinator

When searching for Marketing Coordinator Jobs in Canada, you'll need to know exactly what duties you'll be performing. You'll need to know the company's brand identity, and the type of marketing strategy and techniques it uses.

A marketing coordinator is a key member of a marketing team, responsible for the overall execution of all marketing projects. This person should possess a keen sense of organization and prioritization.

They are responsible for establishing and monitoring marketing projects, confirming product codes and quantities per product, as well as identifying any requirements for cardboard and POS materials or reworking of products.

In addition to this, they must have excellent interpersonal skills and be able to collaborate with various team members and work within tight deadlines.

Job Description

A marketing coordinator works to implement promotional campaigns, track sales data, and evaluate current trends. To succeed in this role, you'll need excellent organizational skills, great research skills, strong communication skills, and an eye for detail.

This position requires you to be organized and efficient while still meeting tight deadlines. It also requires that you have excellent time management skills. However, even if you don't have an MBA, you can find a job with a marketing coordinator role.

A marketing coordinator oversees nearly every aspect of a marketing department. They carry out marketing campaigns, identify and analyze target audiences, and develop marketing strategies.

In addition to their job description, they perform research and analysis on customer satisfaction. They also conduct market research and evaluate successful marketing campaigns to determine what works and what doesn't.

They have to be organized, have excellent communication skills, and have outstanding time management skills, among other qualities.

Northern Pet Products Inc. Company

If you're searching for information about Northern Pet Products Inc. Company, you've come to the right place. The Animal Food Manufacturing Industry includes companies like Northern Pet Products Inc., which has four employees and $847,100 in annual sales.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Northern Pet Products, Inc.
Post Name Marketing Coordinator
Qualification Strong facility with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, WIX website management, digital media
Industry Private
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary CA$60,000 to CA$75,000 Annually
Location Concord, ON, Canada L4K 0A1

As a marketing manager, you'll work directly with upper management to translate high-level goals into detailed plans. Your job will also include project management.

You'll act as the team leader for marketing coordinators, relaying the goals and objectives of the marketing director. In this role, you'll organize projects and assign tasks, overseeing the coordinators' performance.

A marketing manager is responsible for ensuring that project milestones are achieved, and is the link between upper management and marketing staff. A marketing coordinator works on a small team or by themselves, coordinating marketing projects.

This position requires excellent creativity and attention to detail, as well as the ability to prioritize multiple tasks under tight deadlines. Marketing coordinators should also be well-versed in online marketing tools and social media platforms.

Lastly, they should have exceptional verbal and written skills. They should be confident in using words and phrases to reach out to audiences, and they must be familiar with SEO best practices for copywriting.


There are many skills required to land a marketing coordinator job in Canada. Listed below are some of the top ones. Experience is a plus, as is business acumen.

Marketing experience is a must as well, as are strong communication and organizational skills. Successful applicants also possess strong analytical skills and should be self-motivated. However, keep in mind that this job is not a good fit for those who lack these skills.

A good candidate should have a solid understanding of marketing techniques and an eye for detail. As a marketing coordinator, you will work closely with the creative design team and deliver marketing assets. You will also report to the Director of Marketing.

The job will also require you to coordinate other marketing functions such as translation and proofreading. A marketing coordinator must be creative and have excellent communication skills. They must have the ability to work well on a team as well as independently.


The Responsibilities of Marketing Coordinator Jobs in Canada are varied and include a wide range of duties. As a marketing coordinator, you'll be responsible for developing and executing a marketing strategy.

As a marketing coordinator, you'll plan and execute a branded advertising campaign, track sales data, coordinate content, set up tracking systems, conduct market research, negotiate media coverage, and manage an internal communication system.

A Marketing Coordinator's responsibilities vary from organization to organization, but they all require great creativity and a strong understanding of marketing principles. They are responsible for managing social media accounts and coordinating the company's web presence. They also negotiate contracts with external marketing services and help management make strategic decisions.

Aside from coordinating the marketing efforts of an organization, you'll also be responsible for determining the target audience and evaluating current trends.

To be effective at your marketing coordinator job, you'll need great organizational skills, a solid research background, excellent communication skills, and superb time management.

A marketing manager is responsible for ensuring that project milestones are achieved, and is the link between upper management and marketing staff.

Job Benefits

One of the benefits of marketing coordinator jobs in Canada is the variety of work available. Marketing coordinators are in demand and can earn a good living in a variety of sectors. Marketing coordinator jobs may be in advertising, public relations, social media, and sales.

As the field of marketing continues to evolve, marketing coordinators can keep abreast of industry trends and take advantage of educational and skill-building opportunities to further their education.

The requirements for a marketing coordinator position vary from one industry to another. Although all marketing coordinators must possess a solid education and have some practical experience, the job requires both technical and soft skills.

The education required for marketing coordinator jobs in Canada typically consists of a bachelor's degree, although some employers prefer an associate's degree.

Higher-level marketing positions may require a master's degree in business administration, with a specialization in marketing.


The average annual salary for a Marketing Coordinator in Canada is roughly $48,826. This figure is lower than the salary of the 50th percentile, but not by much. The difference is largely due to the industry.

Marketing Coordinators in thriving industries generally earn more. Bonus figures also fluctuate. Marketing Coordinators are moderately bonus-based jobs since they don't have direct responsibility for generating revenue.

However, those in the highest pay ranges often have other duties related to revenue generation. Starting salaries for marketing coordinators range from $35,200 to over $70,000, though more experienced workers can earn as much as $62,200.

For those starting out, the starting salary is likely to be low, while the average annual increment for marketing coordinators in Canada is 9% every 15 months.

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