Manager Operations Jobs in Canada

Manager Operations Jobs in Canada

Are you in search of Manager Operations Jobs in Canada? If so, you have come to the right place! Spritz restaurant Company is seeking an Urgent Manager of Operations. We have provided the Job Description, location, and more for your consideration.

If you are looking for the right position to take your career to the next level, apply today! Read on to find out more about this renowned restaurant company!

Urgent Recruitment For Manager Operations in Canada

There are many jobs available for people interested in Manager Operations. Operations managers direct production, manufacturing, and service delivery processes for various companies.

They also oversee government, commercial, and industrial production departments. The job demands excellent interpersonal and organizational skills.

If you are interested in a career in operations management, consider the following job descriptions. The Spritz restaurant Company is hiring an Operations Manager for urgent recruitment. Below is a brief description of the position.

A business operation manager is an expert in team management. They know how to motivate and delegate tasks, resolve conflicts, and oversee the activities of a large group of employees.

Managing a company is their ultimate goal, and they should have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Job Description

If you're considering a career in the field of operations, a Manager Operations job in Canada may be the right one for you. This type of manager oversees a wide range of activities within a business, including labor, productivity, and quality control.

In addition to overseeing daily operations, the Manager of Operations will serve as the representative of the company on regulatory matters.

A Manager Operations job in Canada may include enhancing operational procedures, systems, and business processes, and seeking out opportunities to improve those systems.

While the Operations Manager job description in Canada may sound like a general manager's position, it actually applies to the same position.

A Manager Operations job description in Canada includes a range of duties that may include interviewing, hiring, training, and supervising employees. These professionals also manage production, service delivery, and labor operations.

Their responsibilities range from making sure the business runs smoothly to acting as the company's representative on regulatory issues. Other tasks may include enhancing and developing systems, procedures, and business processes.

The manager may even organize the company's budget, often working with the company's director to determine the budgetary requirements.

Spritz restaurant Company

Spritz restaurant Company is hiring managers to run their various restaurants in Canada. To qualify for this position, you must have at least two years of experience in a similar environment and have demonstrated success in training and supervising staff. You must also possess excellent communication skills to succeed in this position.

This position may also offer monthly bonuses, and after one year, two weeks of paid vacation. To apply, candidates should send an email to the company's email address, along with their resume. A key part of the position involves providing exceptional customer service.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Spritz restaurant
Post Name Manager Operations
Qualification Manage the operations and staff of the restaurant
Industry Private
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary CA$50,000 to CA$65,000 Annually
Location Gatineau, QC, Canada J8L 0A2

If you are looking for a career in management, a Manager Operations job in Canada might be just what you're looking for.

You will serve as a key liaison between internal and external partners and agencies, ensuring that operational plans are carried out consistently and that budgets and projections are properly prepared.

Additionally, you'll coordinate changes in the delivery model of client services to maintain high quality.

A Manager Operations job description in Canada includes duties that are typically associated with this position. In this role, you will direct the manufacturing, service delivery, and production operations of an organization.

You will oversee personnel matters such as hiring, training, and scheduling. In addition, you will be responsible for the organization's budget, which you will prepare together with the director of the company.

In addition to the job description, you may also have responsibilities that are more general or technical in nature. Finally, they may be responsible for managing inventory levels in different departments and establishing area-specific SOPs.

If you'd like to learn more about the job description of an Operations Manager in Canada, keep reading!


A manager operations job requires strong leadership and communication skills. This role requires the ability to effectively communicate with different levels of people and to motivate teams. Strong communication and negotiation skills are also required.

A manager should also be highly customer-oriented. In this capacity, they should have a thorough understanding of the needs of customers.

As a manager, you're responsible for the organization and coordination of service delivery in a particular geographic region or province. You'll be a key liaison between departments and external agencies and oversee the implementation of operational plans.

You'll monitor budgets and prepare projections. You'll also coordinate changes in the model of service delivery to ensure that programs are client-focused.

An operations manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of a company. This means that they direct production, manufacturing, and service delivery departments.

Operations managers can be found in a wide range of sectors, including government and industrial manufacturing.

In many cases, they work for a multinational company or government organization. The skills and knowledge required for this position vary, but the ability to meet customer expectations is crucial.


As an operations manager, you will direct production, manufacturing, and service delivery operations. Responsibilities may include budgeting, planning, and reporting.

You will also work to develop systems, processes, and procedures, and you will be responsible for overseeing worker communications and performance.

The work of this position will be both challenging and fulfilling, and you can expect to receive regular feedback from senior management. In addition, you'll be in charge of the company's budget, which must be approved by the board.

As a manager, you'll organize services within a geographic region or across multiple provinces. You'll also serve as a key liaison for external agencies and partners, ensuring that operational plans are implemented consistently across departments.

The Responsibilities of Manager Operations include developing and implementing operational policies and procedures, managing labor and productivity, and overseeing quality control and safety measures.

Job Benefits

If you're considering a career in management, you may have a number of questions about the benefits of this job. First of all, you'll find that salaries for this job are commensurate with the level of experience.

This is great news if you're looking to get a raise or improve your position. You can enjoy a work-life balance and a career with solid growth potential.

If you're considering a career in management, there are many benefits of manager operations jobs in Canada. For one thing, they have a low-stress level and can be rewarding. They also often have good prospects for career advancement and raises.


The average salary for a Manager Operations job is $80,093 per year. This is $41.07 per hour, and the pay ranges from $60,621 per year to $136,005 per year.

The highest level of education for this job is a Bachelor's degree. The salary ranges depend on the employer but are not necessarily the same for each position.

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