Maintenance Supervisor Jobs in the USA- Apply Now!!!

Maintenance Supervisor Jobs in the USA

A Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for coordinating the work of employees and outside contractors within a company. The job also involves requisitioning supplies, managing inventory, reviewing completed contracts, and providing in-service training for employees.

Moreover, the position is responsible for compliance with health and safety regulations. The supervisor also monitors security and public safety measures, and ensures that the building and grounds are safe for the public.

Hiring For Maintenance

If you're interested in working as a maintenance supervisor in the USA, there are a number of different things you need to know before applying for the role. First of all, you'll need a thorough knowledge of building trades and repair procedures.

As well as this, you'll need excellent leadership skills and a strong understanding of health and safety regulations. Additionally, you'll be expected to coordinate daily cleaning and maintenance activities.

In this position, you'll be responsible for planning, supervising, and coordinating all aspects of maintenance operations within a facility. You'll also be expected to know all aspects of the maintenance process, including all of the equipment used in a building. You'll also need to be very organized and have good computer skills. Lastly, you'll need to have a bachelor's degree in a relevant field.

The Maintenance Supervisor role requires you to manage a team of skilled workers. You'll need to supervise each worker's work, establish work schedules, and assign specific duties to them.

You'll also need to maintain good relationships with employees and provide advice about the safe operation of hazardous equipment. The role also requires you to work with external contractors who perform building maintenance.

Maintenance Supervisor Job Description

To write a maintenance supervisor job description in the USA, you should focus on the job qualifications and skills required for the job. These can include the education level required, experience required, and previous leadership experience. Depending on the industry and company, a maintenance supervisor can have a range of different responsibilities.

Typically, this position involves supervising and managing the maintenance staff. They coordinate preventative maintenance programs and work with other departments to ensure that the facility is running smoothly.

Other duties include assisting with hazardous material programs and environmental compliance on the site. Supervisors must also be able to maintain adequate inventories, service requests, and safety regulations.

Additionally, they must be able to work in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments. They must be able to handle noise, dust, and mechanical and electrical hazards.

Maintenance supervisors are responsible for overseeing the proper upkeep of various equipment, machinery, and building systems. They also organize work for maintenance technicians. They ensure that the company's goals are met and that work is completed safely and legally.

Hedy Holmes Staffing Services Company

Hedy Holmes is a staffing company that specializes in maintenance supervisor jobs. The company is headquartered in Napa, California. The Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for planning, coordinating, and supervising maintenance operations. The maintenance supervisor is also responsible for ensuring that the bakery's operations are safe.

Maintenance Job Duties

Hiring Organization Hedy Holmes Staffing Services
Post Name Maintenance Supervisor
Qualification Prefer candidates with a 2-year technical degree (or other formal technical training) in the maintenance related field
Industry Private
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $100,000 to $110,000 Annually
Location Tracy, CA, USA 95304

Maintenance supervisors perform a wide range of unskilled, semi-skilled, and skilled tasks. Their duties range from maintaining buildings, grounds, and equipment to responding to emergency situations and customer service calls.

They also perform routine inspections and troubleshooting. These workers frequently travel between properties to perform their job duties.

Maintenance supervisors may also do general repair work, such as repairing machinery or appliances. Other common duties include fixing faulty air conditioning units in hotel lobbies.

They may work for a single building, or for a complex of facilities. They are often responsible for ensuring that the buildings are in top condition and that there are no leaks or damages.

Maintenance supervisors must have steady hands to safely perform their duties. Some of their tasks may involve installing sensitive machine parts or dealing with electrical wiring. In addition, these workers may have to work overtime. Additionally, many of them must be able to withstand high temperatures and work under wet conditions.

Skills For Maintenance Supervisor

In order to qualify for maintenance supervisor jobs in the USA, you must have the right set of skills. These skills will help you work effectively with a team of subordinates and manage their work.

In addition, you need to be able to communicate well with different people in the team to ensure that all the employees are getting along. Good problem-solving skills are also an asset in this position.

As a maintenance supervisor, you may be required to work in odd hours like weekends or early mornings. You might also be required to work on a rotating schedule.

In addition, maintenance supervisors might get excellent benefits, including health, dental, and life insurance, paid time off, and even parental leave. You should also consider the salary range of this position.

The maintenance supervisor job description clearly states which skills and qualifications the company is seeking. These requirements can range from a minimum education level to a specific level of experience. Other requirements might include prior leadership experience.

Maintenance Supervisor Responsibilities

Maintenance supervisors coordinate and direct the upkeep of various machinery and equipment in a company. This can range from the upkeep of manufacturing equipment to building systems.

The maintenance supervisor's main objective is to keep a company's operations running smoothly. Some maintenance supervisors also have responsibilities in apartment maintenance or apartment complex maintenance.

Maintenance supervisors may work early mornings, late nights, and on weekends. Some companies offer benefits such as paid time off, parental leave, and health insurance. Salary ranges vary depending on the position. A maintenance supervisor should have strong leadership skills and be flexible to work irregular hours.

Education: Most employers look for candidates with a high school diploma or GED, but some prefer post-secondary education. Some companies will also hire supervisors who do not have a degree but have extensive experience.

How To Be A Successful Maintenance Supervisor

Being a maintenance supervisor requires leadership skills and a background in people management. Some organizations prefer supervisors with a post-secondary degree, while others will hire someone without one if they have leadership experience.

One of the best traits for a maintenance supervisor is the ability to remain calm and composed during stressful situations. This will show in the quality of work they produce.

Good leaders also have good communication skills and can handle different temperaments. Moreover, they should be able to maintain a strong work environment and keep their team motivated.

Another important quality for a maintenance supervisor is his or her knowledge of health and safety. It is essential for a supervisor to be aware of health and safety regulations when assigning tasks to workers. These regulations must be followed at all times, and supervisors must also ensure that workers understand the tasks assigned to them.

Maintenance Supervisor Average Salary

While most employers prefer applicants with post-secondary degrees, some are willing to hire individuals without degrees with relevant experience. In this case, the salary will depend on the duties and responsibilities of the person in question.

Many organizations also prefer supervisors with hands-on experience. Maintenance supervisors can also advance to the position of senior maintenance supervisor or maintenance manager.

The average salary for a Maintenance Supervisor varies by location and experience. Some locations pay significantly more than others. Atkinson, NE, is the highest-paying city, followed by Frankston, TX, and Barnstable Town, MA.

The high salaries in these cities are much higher than the national average. The average salary for a maintenance supervisor in the USA is about $58,556 per year or $30.03 per hour.

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