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Urgent Recruitment for Delivery Drivers in Canada

Are you looking for delivery driver jobs? If yes, read on to know what the process entails. The job involves driving a truck and delivering finished goods.

It requires you to drive a truck safely and efficiently, perform preventative maintenance on your vehicle, and plan routes to deliver goods efficiently.

If you are looking for a rewarding and challenging career, then a Delivery Driver job might be just what you are looking for. The employment outlook for delivery drivers is excellent, as they enjoy low unemployment and high employment growth.

A commercial driver's license is necessary to work as a delivery driver. You must have training and experience in driving a truck.

Job Description

A delivery driver drives a van or light truck and transports materials, goods, or waste. Delivery drivers must monitor their vehicles for mechanical problems, plan their routes, and notify dispatch of any delivery delays or problems.

Delivery drivers must have a high school diploma and a proven track record as delivery drivers. Other skills required include a thorough knowledge of road safety laws and regulations, the use of GPS devices, and excellent organizational skills.

A good delivery driver job description includes details about the type of deliveries that the person will be expected to make, the class of vehicle they'll be driving, and any other specific requirements.

A delivery driver has several benefits. Not only does a delivery driver get to drive a light truck, but he also gets to pick up and deliver various items. He may be employed by a grocery store, drug store, take-out restaurant, or a dry cleaning company.

A delivery driver may use a mobile communications device to communicate with central dispatch. Other duties of a delivery driver include maintaining records.

Laduree Canada Company

The Laduree Canada Company is a dessert and cake delivery company that ships its products across the country. The company ships macarons and other desserts in attractive gift boxes. The company also sells gourmet tea, jams, candles, and accessories.

Drivers will be responsible for delivering the products to customers' homes. The company has nearly 100 stores across Canada. However, the company is closing many locations. You can still find a job as a driver for the Laduree Canada Company.

While the company has an office in Toronto, drivers will work from home. Laduree Canada recognizes the importance of being online when it comes to selling products.

In addition to consumers spending more time at home, other retailers are expanding their online transactions as well. Drivers can make a great income by delivering Laduree products to customers.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Laduree Canada
Post Name Delivery Driver
Qualification Must have a valid 5-class license with a clean driving abstract
Industry Private
Employment Type Part-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary CA$18 Hourly
Location Burnaby, BC, Canada  V3J 0A4


A Delivery Driver job is one of the most common positions in Canada. The focus of this position is the transport and delivery of various goods, including newspapers, food, and other products. A driver may drive different types of vehicles, including vans, cars, and bicycles.

Companies of all kinds may employ drivers to make deliveries. Common employers include pharmaceutical companies, dairies, package delivery companies, newspapers, dry cleaners, and grocery stores.

They may also use mobile communications equipment to communicate with central dispatch. Delivery drivers are responsible for delivering goods, materials, and waste.

In addition to transporting goods, they inspect designated trucks to check for mechanical issues, supervise loading and unloading, and keep records of their deliveries.

This job also requires candidates to meet a series of eligibility requirements, such as a valid driving record and the ability to drive long distances.


If you want to land a job as a delivery driver in Canada, you should focus on developing certain skills that will make you an asset to the company.

In addition to driving a truck, you must also have good time management skills. Drivers must meet deadlines and keep all paperwork organized. You will also need to keep track of all legal documents, including vehicle checkups and loading and shipment documents.

If you have excellent driving skills, a career as a delivery driver is an excellent choice. This job involves delivering goods to different businesses, signing for them on receipt, and inspecting trucks for mechanical problems.

Additionally, you'll be required to keep a record of everything, including delivery times and locations. These positions have many benefits, but there are certain skills you should have to land one.


As a delivery driver, you will drive automobiles, vans, and light trucks to pick up and deliver various products. You may work for a grocery store, drug store, or dry cleaner.

You may also drive for a delivery service and be responsible for picking up and delivering single packages or multiple loads throughout the day. As a delivery driver, you will also handle the paperwork and utilize GPS devices to keep track of where your cargo is.

A good candidate for a delivery driver job must have a clean driving record and no criminal history. The right candidate should also have excellent communication skills, be organized, and be good at time management.

A high school diploma is required. If you don't have this, prior experience as a delivery driver may be an advantage.

Other important requirements include driving experience, sound knowledge of road safety rules, and good organizational skills. In addition to being well-versed in a variety of vehicles, delivery drivers may also need experience operating specific types.

Job Benefits

There are many benefits to becoming a delivery driver. For starters, these jobs tend to have flexible work schedules. As independent contractors, delivery driver jobs don't have a minimum wage or hourly guarantee.

You set your own hours and can decide how many deliveries you make throughout the day. In addition, these jobs don't require you to live at a certain address, making them a great option if you want to save money.

The pay is generally good. In Canada, many companies prefer drivers with a lot of experience in long-haul and long-haul trucks. Those who have experience driving in the Gulf region may be interested in this career path.

If you're passionate about driving, you can start your new career as a delivery driver in Canada and earn a decent income.


A delivery driver's salary can range from $28,360 to $42,900 per year, but this isn't the case everywhere. In fact, the salary for this type of position is below the national average for delivery drivers.

However, it is possible to get a higher salary if you are willing to drive a large number of miles per day. If you'd like to drive more, you can earn more money driving for a large delivery company.

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