Computer Technician Jobs in Canada- Apply Now!!!

Computer Technician Jobs in Canada

A career as a computer technician can be very rewarding. You can be a part of many different projects and work with complex equipment. There are even opportunities for management and sales positions.

Computer technicians can work with new technology and assist companies in improving their business processes. Many jobs in this field require a bachelor's degree.

Computer Technician Hiring

Are you interested in becoming a computer technician? If so, you should know the average salary of this job in Canada is $47,596. However, the salary varies based on the company you work for and the number of years you've been in the field. If you're interested in working for a large company, you should be familiar with the industry and have some technical experience.

Those who want to work in the technology industry must be computer literate and have good computer skills. Having a degree in computer science, a certificate in the field, and experience working with computers will give them a distinct advantage. In addition, they need to have a high level of attention to detail and be willing to work all shifts.

Computer service technicians are responsible for installing hardware and software systems and configuring computer networks. They also install related equipment, such as printers and network drives.

Computer Technician Jobs Description

Computer technicians are often part of a computer services company. Their duties include repairing or installing computer hardware and operating systems.

They can also be involved in network configuration and management. This job requires a high level of technical skills as well as soft skills. If you're interested in a career in computer technology, you can apply for a job as a computer technician in Canada.

Computer technicians are responsible for interpreting customer requirements, troubleshooting hardware and software problems, and resolving customer complaints and technical issues.

They are also responsible for troubleshooting Windows, Internet Explorer, and PC software issues. They may also be responsible for providing computer advice to clients and coordinating IT related services.

Computer technicians also install and repair computer hardware at the request of customers. They may also troubleshoot computer viruses and malware.

Computer Technicians are responsible for the servicing, installation, and maintenance of computers and other electronic devices. They also help manage computer networks and install computer hardware and software.

In addition to maintaining and servicing computers, computer technicians also install and repair related peripherals like printers and network drives. They also perform troubleshooting and support services for computer users.

NICS Ltd. Company

NICS is seeking a computer technician for its IT department. This technician will plan and deploy greenfield deployment of Microsoft servers and domains. He will also configure Microsoft object properties.

He must be fluent in English and understand networking concepts such as port forwarding and the OSI model. He must also be familiar with port mirroring and Fortinet appliances. This technician should have formal education in computer science or have relevant CISCO or Microsoft certifications.

Computer Technician Duties

Hiring Organization NICS Ltd.
Post Name IT Technician
Qualification Experience installing two processor motherboards in HP and Lenovo and Dell rackmount servers.
Industry Private
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary CA$60,000 to CA$80,000 Annually (plus commission)
Location Saskatoon, SK, Canada S7H 0A1

In Canada, computer technicians perform a variety of duties. They may help supervise other information technology workers or be responsible for a specific project. In addition, they may manage and maintain computer networks.

These technicians work in both the public and private sectors. Moreover, they may work from their own homes and may be required to travel. This position requires a high degree of computer expertise and good communication skills. It also requires a minimum of six months of experience.

Job duties include analyzing and diagnosing computer problems and performing maintenance. They must also be well-versed with common PC hardware and software, as well as common peripheral devices.

They must also possess a high degree of customer service and professionalism. Computer technicians also perform various tasks such as setting up hardware and software, installing device drivers, and maintaining PCs.

Duties also include training new employees and maintaining equipment. They must also document and close work orders when they have successfully fixed the problem.

In addition, computer technicians may be required to perform computer imaging, install encryption tools, configure wireless access, and resolve computer problems.

A computer technician may also be asked to carry out System Administration or Network Operations duties, as well as maintain physical inventories. In addition to that, they are responsible for monitoring the condition of the computer lab and verifying that only authorized individuals have access to it.

Skills Of A Computer Technician

Computer technician jobs in Canada require a variety of skills. These technicians must be able to provide technical support and troubleshoot a wide variety of problems.

They must also be able to maintain network infrastructure, respond to computer system failures, and maintain VoIP systems. Computer technicians must also have solid communication and critical thinking skills.

These skills will help them identify and solve computer problems and communicate their findings clearly. They should also have experience with computers and enjoy interacting with customers.

Computer Technician Responsibilities

Computer technicians are responsible for the installation and maintenance of computer hardware and software. They also troubleshoot problems. They must be able to work with customers and clients at a high level of professionalism.

Some of the duties of a computer technician include setting up computers and hardware, installing software and drivers, and troubleshooting problems with desktop computers. Some computer technicians also perform tasks such as maintaining credit card machines and cash registers.

Their work schedules are typically eight hours a day, Monday through Friday. The job market is currently strong and there are over 24103 available positions across Canada. Job duties include installing hardware, maintaining software, and setting up networks.

Computer technicians must be able to diagnose and repair computer systems, including hardware, software, and networks. They must also be able to recover and remove information from non-booting computers.

The education requirements for computer technicians vary by employer. Some require a bachelor's degree or an A+ certification, while others accept an associate's degree or previous work experience in tech support.

After being hired, computer technicians usually receive paid training. During this time, they are introduced to the computer systems of the company. This training can take several weeks.

Computer Technician Salary

The average Computer Technician salary in Canada is around $46,898 per year or $24.05 per hour.. The highest paid Computer Technicians earn more than twice that amount.

Those with a Bachelor's degree earn about 53% more than those with only a Diploma or Certificate. Although gender should not play a role in salary, male Computer Technicians make on average 5% more than their female counterparts.

The salary of a Computer Technician in Canada can vary greatly depending on location, experience and skills. Computer technicians in Canada should have at least an associate's degree in computer technology.

They must be able to troubleshoot computers and work with various types of software. They can work in many industries, from small businesses to large corporations. They can also work in big cities and rural areas. While most high-paying positions are in the technology industry, there are also opportunities in the healthcare and retail sectors.

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