Clerk Jobs in Canada

Clerk Jobs in Canada

Looking for Clerk Jobs in Canada? If you are looking for a challenging, rewarding job in a multinational company, this can be the right opportunity for you. Mier Human Capital is hiring for a clerk position.

Although you don't need a lot of experience or special education, you should have good English skills and be willing to work long hours. To apply, visit their website using the link below

Urgent Recruitment for Clerk

A career as a clerk involves performing a variety of administrative tasks for a company, such as handling accounts payable and human resources. In addition to this, these roles also require individuals to plan and manage their daily work activities.

They must be well-versed in computer programs and database manipulation. While the exact educational requirements vary by organization, a high school diploma is typically required. A Diploma of College Studies or equivalent is also helpful.

Another great opportunity for those seeking entry-level employment is as a clerk. Although the job description requires computer skills and experience, the entry requirements are relatively low.

Entry-level clerks may only need a high school diploma or some other basic educational qualifications. They are often required to work in offices with standard office hours, but may be required to work extra shifts or meet urgent deadlines. In some cases, work-from-home positions may also be available.

Job Description

There are a variety of clerk jobs in Canada, and the job market is growing. These positions require good organization and attention to detail. They maintain and manage business calendars and files, and have excellent English skills.

They should have experience using digital filing systems and software. In addition to being organized and detail-oriented, clerks should be able to communicate well and type documents clearly and professionally. These are just a few of the many duties of a clerk.

However, as the position becomes more challenging and more lucrative, salaries can increase considerably. If you're interested in learning more about this rewarding career, read on.

Mier Human Capital Company

If you're looking for a new career and are looking for Accounts Payable Clerk job in Ontario, you've come to the right place. Mier Human Capital is currently hiring Accounts Payable Clerks in their Vaughan location.

The position requires a post-graduate diploma and a minimum of five years of experience. The ideal candidate should have strong knowledge of accounting principles, risk and control standards, and problem-solving skills.

Job Details

Hiring Organization

Mier Human Capital

Post Name Clerk
Qualification A degree or diploma in Accounting, or similar work experience
Industry Finance and Insurance
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $21 to $23 Hourly
Location Ottawa, ON K1A 0A1


If you're looking for a job in Canada but aren't sure where to start, there are a number of different opportunities for clerks to work in public offices.

These positions are generally found in public and private offices, and their responsibilities include preparing correspondence, operating office equipment, answering phones, and performing general clerical duties.

Regardless of your previous experience, you can find a clerk position that's right for you. There are many different types of law clerk positions in Canada. Family law clerks, for example, work with custody and separation agreements.

They use software called DivorceMate to complete their work, while personal injury law clerks help handle insurance companies and disclosure requests.

In real estate, clerks work with contracts and leases, and sometimes even handle loan transactions and title searches. In this type of position, you will need to have experience with legal software to be effective.


A clerk in a law office typically spends the majority of their time in an office, observing lawyers make oral arguments. This field pays well, and the number of clerk jobs in Canada is on the rise.

The top candidates for this job will demonstrate accuracy, precision, time management skills, and superior writing and listening skills.

Other skills essential for this job include the ability to think critically and strong written communication skills. The skills below are helpful for applying for clerical jobs.

A high level of communication and organization skills are important for clerk job positions. In addition to the technical skills listed, the applicant must be able to work with a team and prioritize tasks.

For this position, accounting skills are a prerequisite. As such, the candidate should take an academic program to improve their skills and obtain certification. Applicants should make sure that their email address is up to date so that they can be easily contacted by the employer.


Clerk jobs in Canada can be varied, depending on the type of business and the duties the position entails. In most cases, candidates for clerk positions will have experience in similar roles and working knowledge of common accounting software.

Small businesses are particularly in need of Clerks, as they may be able to handle the majority of administrative work themselves or with a small team. Smaller businesses may require a more experienced clerk with additional skills such as industry knowledge.

Law clerk jobs are extremely lucrative, and the average yearly wage is higher than the national average. Law clerks are required to have at least a bachelor's degree in law.

Candidates should have exceptional listening and critical thinking skills, as well as excellent organizational and time management skills. They should also have excellent writing skills.

Applicants should carefully review the job description before applying. Once they have applied, they should wait for the confirmation email from the hiring organization.

Job Benefits

There are several advantages of clerk jobs in Canada. Firstly, they are usually well-paying. A Canadian worker can easily secure a bank clerk job. However, there are certain requirements and criteria that a foreign worker must meet in order to obtain a Canadian visa.

Moreover, a foreigner must possess a skill set in short supply in the country. Moreover, a clerk job in Canada may not be suitable for a person with limited skills.

A clerk job is considered an entry-level job in the industry. It is ideal for students, temporary employees, and people returning to the workforce. There are also several career opportunities in clerk positions.

These jobs can lead to the development of specific skills and even to a more senior position in an office. They may work at a computer workstation or in the reception area.

Often, they are responsible for supporting several coworkers. Some clerks may even be responsible for the entire floor or department.


If you are considering a career in law, you may be wondering about the average salary for clerk jobs in Canada. Law clerk salaries vary widely by location and specialty, but the average annual salary for office clerks in Canada is $50,000 per year or $25.64 per hour.

If you are new to the legal profession, you can start your career by seeking out a clerk job with less education. You'll be able to earn an excellent salary in Canada and begin working as soon as you finish high school.

While clerk jobs in Canada are relatively common, their pay can vary widely. In fact, some clerks earn as much as $46,793 per year in Canada. Regardless of location, however, clerk jobs can earn high salaries.

You can even get an entry-level position as a clerk in a public institution. If you're interested in working in law, consider a clerk job with the government.

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