Check out the 18 top growth stocks targeting EPS gains of 78% to 2,900% in the second quarter

With Q2 earnings season upon us, here are 18 of the current top growth stocks that are expecting earnings growth of up to 2,900% in their next earnings report. Based in the UK Buford Capital (BUR) tops the list while Wall Street forecasts EPS growth of 877% copa (CPA) airline as the travel industry continues its upswing. service now (NOW) — a favorite of top mutual funds — projects earnings growth of 529% for the quarter and 630% for the year on consensus estimates.


While researching an outbreak, database software plays a role splunk (SPLK) also manufactures this stock video. Analysts expect earnings growth of 406%.

Enterprise Software Company DigitalOcean (DOCN), which descends from the 2021 IPO class, has also found a spot on the list as it attempts to swim back towards the price top after a breakout earlier this month.

MercadoLibre (MELI) – the Amazon region of Latin America – deserves a mention as it attempts to revisit its 10-week moving average.

Top funds are investing in Apple, Microsoft, and those two sectors

Stocks screen to identify the current fastest growing stocks

To create this stock overview of today's fastest-growing companies, each growth stock must have a composite score of 95 or higher, meaning it passed the Stock Checkup. A composite rating of 95 means that each stock outperforms at least 95% of all stocks on key stock-picking characteristics.

Each of these top growth stocks must also have an EPS rating and an RS rating above 80 to demonstrate strong fundamental and technical strength. To qualify, these fastest-growing stocks must also have an A-SMR rating, which tracks revenue growth, annualized pre-tax profit margin, and return on equity.

To avoid thinly traded penny stocks, only the fastest-growing stocks that trade an average of at least 400,000 shares per day and have a share price of at least $12 are shown.

Growth stocks to buy and watch pending Q2 reports

This stock screen, created in MarketSmith, highlights top growth stocks that are forecasting EPS growth of 78% to 2,900% in their upcoming earnings report.

Pursue symbol EPS Est Cur Qtr % EPS Est Cur Yr % competitive evaluation EPS rating RS rating Ind Group RS SMR rating A/D evaluation
Burford Capital BU 2,900 76 98 82 96 B- A B+
copa CPA 877 81 99 83 93 A+ A A-
VistaEnergy VISIT 531 59 97 83 98 D A A
service now NOW 529 630 99 99 89 A A B
Teekay tanker TNK 444 116 97 80 87 B- A B-
splunk SPLK 406 20 96 81 81 A+ A B-
front line FRO 217 53 97 80 89 B- A B+
Extreme networks EXTRA 208 66 99 91 97 C A A+
Wabash National WNC 188 87 95 82 94 B- A B-
Dorian LPG LPG 183 -1 97 97 96 B- A B
First Citizen BancShares FCNCA 169 94 99 98 98 B+ A B+
Vitesse energy VTS 162 -98 95 81 95 B- A B
AAON AAON 119 49 99 98 94 A A B
DigitalOcean DOCN 106 94 98 81 84 A A B
North American construction NOA 103 4 96 98 95 D+ A B+
Banco Latinamer BLX 94 99 88 93 B+ A B+
International Sea Routes INSW 81 34 96 80 86 B- A C+
MercadoLibre MELI 78 86 95 81 90 B+ A D

3 Key Rules for Buying Today's Fastest-Growing Stocks

Keep in mind that earnings growth is just one factor to keep in mind when looking for the best stocks to buy and watch. Also, be sure to follow these three basic rules when buying stocks.

While this group of today's top-rated growth stocks has strong second-quarter earnings estimates, that doesn't necessarily mean they'll meet or beat Wall Street's expectations, or even climb higher if they do. Make sure you have and follow solid buying and selling rules.

Following a simple three-step routine will help you stay profitable, protected, and ready to capitalize on today's fastest-growing stocks when opportunities arise.

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