Bookkeeper Jobs in the USA

Bookkeeper Jobs in the USA

Bookkeeper Jobs in the USA are plentiful, but they require specialized skills. While high school education is usually sufficient, candidates with computer skills and math knowledge are also preferred by many employers.

Candidates who have a postsecondary degree are also highly sought after. Listed below are some tips to help you find a job as a bookkeeper. Read on to learn more about the job. It can be a challenging but rewarding career.

Urgent Recruitment for Bookkeeper

To stay competitive, you will need to be cross-trained to be efficient in both areas. You'll spend around 60% of your time on accounting, and 40% of your time on bookkeeping. In return, you'll make a competitive salary.

A bookkeeper is responsible for overseeing the financial data of a business. In addition to handling daily financial transactions, bookkeepers also record client payments, handle the posting process, and reconcile monthly data.

They must be well-versed in accounting software, as well as have excellent communication skills. If you want to earn a great salary with flexible working hours and the opportunity to work from home, this job is for you!

Job Description

A Bookkeeper job description in the USA typically calls for a college degree, although many employers post entry-level positions requiring a high school diploma or GED. Many of these positions also require specific training and certification.

Besides a degree, experience in accounting and finance is also valuable, and employers may ask for this information in the job description. Ultimately, this position is a great fit for people who love numbers and working with numbers.

Fusion Technology Solutions LLC Company

Are you interested in working for a growing company? Looking for bookkeeping jobs in the USA? Consider working for Fusion Technology Solutions LLC Company.

This company is located in Healdsburg, CA, and is part of the Computer Systems Design and Related Services industry. The company employs 6 people and earns $992,123 in sales annually.

They value candidates with education or degree, but will also consider those with industry experience. This job requires experience in plasma modeling and MHD, as well as knowledge of coupling scientific codes.

General Fusion, Inc. and Fusion Technology Solutions LLC Company are two companies that manufacture fusion energy. These companies are located in Canada and the United States and outsource their operations to various companies around the world.

However, you can find bookkeeping jobs at Fusion by searching for General Fusion careers in the USA on T-Net. The company also has positions available in Burnaby, British Columbia, and Toronto.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Fusion Technology Solutions LLC
Post Name Bookkeeper
Qualification 1-3 years of accounting/office experience required
Industry Finance and Insurance
Employment Type Part-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $25 to $32 Hourly
Location Healdsburg, CA, USA 95448

If you're a bookkeeper in the USA, you have likely seen numerous postings for bookkeeping jobs. Depending on your position and the organization you're looking to hire for, your qualifications may vary.

In some cases, you may need only a high school diploma, while others may require an associate's degree. Some employers will make exceptions, though, for employees with relevant experience.

Regardless of your educational background, make sure to list the relevant training and experience. When searching for a bookkeeper position, it's essential to know exactly what the job duties will be.

A good job description will detail the duties, skills, and experience necessary to fill the position. A bookkeeper's duties include managing accounts payable, bank accounts, and the general ledger. It's also important to be detail-oriented, as these skills will be required.

A bookkeeper's job description highlights their organizational and time management skills. They should be adept at managing their time, and should be able to follow procedures well. This job can also be a stepping stone to a more senior accounting role.

This position is an excellent opportunity for a person with a passion for numbers and a knack for numbers. In addition to their responsibilities, bookkeepers can also be responsible for payroll and other basic administrative duties for the accounting team.


One of the most common skills employers look for in a bookkeeper job is a solid understanding of numbers. These professionals are often required to interpret numeric data and write reports for accountants and other business stakeholders.

Critical thinking is important when working as a bookkeeper. You need to analyze data, spot trends, and find patterns. Often, bookkeepers will need to use this critical thinking to reconcile bank accounts, balance checkbooks, and migrate records.

You also need to be able to prioritize tasks and organize data to complete a project. Understanding a company's finances is essential to your job. To become a bookkeeper in the USA, you should know how to read and interpret invoices and bank statements.

They must also have good time management skills to meet deadlines and complete all their tasks within the specified number of hours. The right skills are essential to success in a bookkeeper job. Read on to learn more about the skills you need to succeed.

Good communication skills are necessary to get the job done in this field. Bookkeepers deal with sensitive financial information. They must be able to communicate clearly and maintain confidentiality.

They must also be able to keep calm in the face of issues and problems. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to practice this skill in the bookkeeping field.


Generally, bookkeepers work with companies to record their financial transactions. Their job requires accuracy in recording numerical data and maintaining the confidentiality of client records.

Bookkeepers typically handle financial information electronically and must be familiar with spreadsheets, databases, and specialized computer software.

Some bookkeepers may also write financial reports, track purchasing, and process bank deposits. They may also be in charge of basic administrative duties for the accounting department.

A bookkeeper may be an entry-level employee, or he or she might be employed through an agency. Some bookkeepers may specialize in one area of accounting, such as payroll or financial statements.

While freelance bookkeepers may specialize in one area of bookkeeping, agencies can provide a team of bookkeepers who can address a wide range of a company's financial needs.

Job Benefits

Whether you're seeking a government position or prefer a more traditional business setting, bookkeeper jobs in the USA can be a great choice for you. These jobs typically require less education and are more flexible than the ones found in large corporations.

Some companies even offer tuition reimbursement for accounting courses. Most businesses have a bookkeeper on staff, and these employees understand the company's operations best.

Some jobs in the back office can be automated, making bookkeepers' work less time-consuming. Bookkeepers are responsible for maintaining a company's books, recording all financial transactions, and maintaining accounting records.

These professionals record revenues and expenses, keep track of cash flow, and maintain compliance with federal laws.


The salary for bookkeeper jobs in the USA varies widely. It can vary from an entry-level position to a full-charge financial statement bookkeeper. Salaries also depend on the company and the candidate's experience.

While some bookkeeper jobs may overlap with those of accountants, the scope of work can vary greatly. For example, a bookkeeper who has extensive experience in accounting and payroll may command a higher salary than someone with less experience in either of these areas.

Also, the nature of the work demands that a bookkeeper has higher training and experience. Therefore, a higher salary might be necessary if the job involves complex tax situations.

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