Bakery Manager Jobs in the USA

Bakery Manager Jobs in the USA

When looking for a job in the food and beverage industry, Bakery Managers are in high demand. They are responsible for overseeing bakery operations, from purchasing and distributing products to ensuring proper food safety.

In addition, they coordinate staff meetings, complete weekly schedules, and maintain friendly customer interactions.

These positions are also ideal for those with experience in the industry. The United States is an attractive destination for Bakery Managers, so be sure to apply today!

Urgent Recruitment for Bakery Manager

Bakery Manager is a managerial role, which requires good management skills. The job responsibilities are varied and include ensuring that all employees follow the company’s food safety regulations.

The job responsibilities also include making sure that the bakery has adequate supplies and equipment, developing marketing strategies to attract new customers, and creating suitable work schedules for staff members.

The Bakery Manager is also responsible for training the team members to produce high-quality bakery items and follow proper food handling procedures.

The Bakery Manager is a crucial member of a team, who is responsible for overseeing the operation of a bakery. They oversee the work of 70 to 100 employees, ensure a sanitary environment and maintain high standards.

They also implement the company’s quality control procedures, ensure that the bakery is fully stocked, and follow strict sanitation standards.

Bakery Managers must have excellent communication skills, understand baking equipment, and have a thorough knowledge of the food grade environment.

Job Description

In a bakery, the Bakery Manager is responsible for ensuring the quality of baked goods. The job also requires that he supervise his staff and train them. He has to manage the budget, purchase supplies from vendors, and plan the work for his staff.

Bakery managers are also responsible for promoting a team environment and maintaining daily sales forecasts. As a Bakery Manager, you’ll be responsible for ensuring that your company meets sales goals and profitability.

This job requires business acumen and the ability to take risks. You’ll need a solid knowledge of accounting and economics to create a sound business plan and forecast earnings. You’ll also need good communication skills to communicate with employees and make suggestions.

It’s vital for you to be able to lead by example and manage your employees to perform their best. You’ll also need good leadership skills to ensure that your bakery succeeds in a competitive market.

Mighty-O donuts Company

There are currently five Mighty-O donuts companies in the USA. Founded in 1985, the company employs over 2,500 people.

Besides leading operations, the Bakery Manager is also responsible for managing and training the employees. The bakery manager’s job is to promote a positive workplace culture and build customer loyalty.

The manager will be responsible for ensuring that every employee is productive, efficient, and follows Company policies. As the manager of a bakery, you’ll work closely with other departments to make sure that everything goes according to plan.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Mighty-O donuts
Post Name Bakery Production Manager
Qualification 5+ years of Production experience within the hospitality or retail industry. A coffee, bakery, or quick service restaurant experience is ideal.
Industry Private
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $60,000 to $75,000 Annually
Location Tukwila, WA, USA 98188


The Bakery Manager job requires business savvy and a willingness to take risks. Bakery managers must also have a strong understanding of accounting and economics. This knowledge will help them formulate a sound business plan and project earnings.

They are also responsible for the day-to-day operations of the bakery. Their responsibilities include establishing the menu, ordering supplies and equipment, tracking employee time and attendance, and maintaining record-keeping.

A bakery manager must have an understanding of the entire baking process from start to finish. They must be able to track daily and weekly sales reports.

A bakery manager is responsible for ordering all baking supplies and ingredients, implementing recipes, and training staff members.

They are also responsible for overseeing the production schedule and daily and weekly budgets. A bakery manager must be familiar with all bakery equipment, as well as know how to operate it properly.

A Bakery Manager must possess excellent management skills and be able to enforce food safety regulations. They must be able to supervise a team of bakers and be able to work under pressure.

They must also be able to develop marketing strategies and create a work schedule that meets the needs of the company. The Bakery Manager must also possess excellent customer service skills.

They must be able to deal with customers in a professional manner and must be able to resolve any problems that may arise.


If you are interested in becoming a bakery manager, you need to have a strong understanding of business management and operations. Bakery managers need to be able to maintain and enforce quality control standards.

They must be able to maintain an eye on inventory and rotate dated products. They also need to be able to plan work priorities based on logical sequences and volume forecasts.

In addition, a bakery manager must have the ability to design and decorate baked goods, promote themes, and merchandise products using appealing displays.

A bakery manager should also be able to maintain a clean environment and organize their time well. These skills will help them to manage time efficiently, improve productivity, and save money.

Bakery managers should also have the ability to solve problems and communicate well with coworkers and customers. A bakery manager should be able to manage various tasks and ensure that they are completed in a timely manner.

They should also be able to supervise a team, which will require strong organizational and problem-solving skills.


A bakery manager is responsible for supervising and controlling employees and the flow of products through the kitchen. As such, they must be highly organized and know how to properly manage their time.

This can improve productivity and save money. They must ensure that all tasks are completed on time, and they may also be responsible for the team’s success. Bakery managers must be able to manage multiple tasks at once and have great problem-solving skills.

A bakery manager’s main job responsibility is to supervise all aspects of the bakery, from daily operations to marketing and sales.

They are responsible for overseeing inventory, training employees, and ordering supplies and products. They also manage labor and profit and loss data and ensure the accuracy of production logs.

Job Benefits

The salary of a Bakery Manager is determined by the type of experience and educational background the employee has. Experience and training in the field will help an employee improve their management skills and increase their chances of achieving higher salary levels.

Bakery managers with management experience have an edge over others, and the opportunity to switch employers can help boost salary. In Texas, for example, salaries for Bakery Managers are higher than those in other states.


A Bakery Manager’s salary is based on several factors, including experience and education. While the average salary for Bakery Managers varies, there are some regions that pay more than others.

In the USA, the average salary for a Bakery Manager is $41,081 per year or $21.07 per hour. The average salary for Bakery Managers varies by state. In the USA, salaries for Bakery Managers are increasing rapidly.

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