Back Office Assistant Jobs in the USA

Back Office Assistant Jobs in the USA

Interested in Back Office Assistant Jobs in the USA? Mercurio’s Heating & Air Conditioning Company has urgent recruitment for Back Office Assistants. Learn about the details of the position. Read on for Job Details, Salary, and the Company.

Back Office Assistant Jobs in the USA are available in many fields and pay between $13 and $14 an hour. A Back Office Assistant job can be highly flexible. In the United States, back-office assistants are in high demand by businesses across the country.

Urgent Recruitment for Back Office Assistant

If you’re looking for a full-time position in the back office of a company, look no further! Mercurio’s Heating and Air Conditioning is seeking a Back Office Assistant for its office.

This position requires a person with excellent logistical skills, as well as the ability to multi-task and stay on top of many tasks. It’s a great way to get a job in the back office of a company while working from home!

The Back Office Assistant job is one of the more administrative positions, with duties such as data entry, monitoring location information, and recording noteworthy events.

They support the internal operations of a company, and often oversee regulatory compliance and settlements. In some cases, back-office employees oversee front-office operations and assist in employee development.

Job Description

A back-office assistant’s job description can vary according to their role. While most back office assistant positions are office-based, some may be located in a lab or factory.

While full-time positions may offer more benefits and salaries, part-time positions are flexible and may fit into an employee’s schedule.

Some jobs may even allow the assistant to work from home. If you’re interested in a career as a back office assistant, consider checking out a few different job boards.

A back-office assistant may focus on assisting an individual department and may be responsible for maintaining spreadsheets. In some instances, they may report to a head bookkeeper, comptroller, or accountant.

Other back office assistants may perform general office tasks, report to a manager, or work independently. Regardless of the job description, the goal of these employees is to ensure the smooth running of a company.

Mercurio’s Heating & Air Conditioning Company

With rapid growth, Mercurio’s Heating & Air conditioning has separated its front and back-office roles. The company also separated its HR and accounting departments, which means fewer employees will be handling customer service, billing, and other administrative tasks.

The back office is now headed by Angie White, who focuses on processes and procedures. She speaks at various industry-related events, including “Toolbox for the Trades,” where she talks about avoiding turnover, waste management, and what not to say during the hiring process.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Mercurio’s Heating & Air Conditioning
Post Name Back Office Assistant
Qualification Skilled at data entry with accuracy and efficiency
Industry Business
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $18 to $20 Hourly
Location Tacoma, WA, USA 98402

The job of a back office assistant is a diverse one, requiring a wide range of administrative skills. These assistants typically work in the back office of a business, performing clerical tasks such as filing and maintaining records.

Many back office assistants also interact with other professionals in the company, performing a variety of tasks from filing and organizing to managing inventory.

Whether you want to work in the medical or legal field, there are many opportunities for back office assistants to be part of a fast-paced, team-oriented environment.

This position may focus on assisting a specific department, such as payroll or tax preparation. Or, the Back Office Assistant may be responsible for general office duties, such as maintaining spreadsheets.

In either case, a back office assistant reports to a management person, who may be an office manager or comptroller. If the position requires a general knowledge of office equipment, the Back Office Assistant should have sufficient computer skills.

As a back office assistant, you may be required to work in an office or a laboratory, or at a large hospital or clinic. While you may be paid well in a full-time position, seasonal positions may not provide the same benefits.

Those with flexible schedules or those in school should consider this when considering a back office assistant job. You may even have the flexibility to work from home as long as you’re willing to put in the necessary time.


A back-office assistant’s duties can vary widely, from data management to general office work. They may work under a departmental manager or may focus on particular tasks within a specific department.

Back office assistants are typically responsible for maintaining spreadsheets and reporting to a manager, who might be an accountant, head bookkeeper, or comptroller. Some positions require general office work, such as answering phones and maintaining customer data.

Computer skills are an important asset in most back-office jobs. Computer knowledge helps improve workflow, productivity, and overall office experience.

Today’s businesses are largely dependent on technology. Often, back-office workers use different software and tools to support front-office production.

While skills for back office assistant jobs in the USA will vary from one job to the next, there are some common traits that are sought after in the field.

Although back office employees do not interact with customers directly, they frequently deal with suppliers and vendors via email, phone, and written correspondence.

Effective communication is the most important skill for this position, as is good organization. Many back office positions also require a strong understanding of math, and some are specialized in administrative work.


A Back Office Assistant works in an organization to support the operations of various departments. They assist front-office employees with a variety of tasks, from data processing to investigation and bookkeeping.

Other back office assistant responsibilities include maintaining an office inventory and managing correspondence. Some back-office assistant positions are seasonal, part-time, or full-time.

Full-time positions can come with benefits, and you may receive a monthly salary. Seasonal positions don’t offer the same benefits. Part-time positions are perfect for those with flexible schedules, or for students who want to work while studying.

Good communication skills are important in a back-office assistant position. Good communication skills will help you relay information to colleagues, staff, and to other assistants.

Job Benefits

If you are looking for a career change, you may want to consider back office assistant jobs in the USA. These jobs can be seasonal or full-time, and the salary can vary widely depending on the type of work you do and where you’re employed.

The job description for a back-office assistant includes a wide variety of duties. These employees are the backbone of a company, and their jobs are critical to keeping operations running smoothly. They also provide support and ideas to improve an organization.


While the average annual salary for a back-office assistant job in the USA is $35,295, different places pay more than that.

Back office assistant salaries in New York City top the list, followed by San Mateo, CA, and Daly City, CA. The salary for a back-office assistant varies greatly, however, based on location and experience.

If you’re looking for a stable, steady, and growing career, back office assistant positions may be the perfect fit for you. This field is also growing in popularity, and there are several opportunities to advance from assistant to team manager or supervisor.

Assistants at smaller businesses may even be able to advance to other positions within the company, depending on how well they perform their current tasks.

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