Administrative Assistant Jobs in Canada

Administrative Assistant Jobs in Canada

Looking for Administrative Assistant Jobs in Canada? You're not alone! The country's demand for administrative assistants is so high that you might be able to obtain a Canadian Permanent Residency Visa even without a job offer.

The best part? You can get started immediately. Apply today to be part of a growing industry. Read on to learn more about the requirements and the job description.

Urgent Recruitment for Administrative Assistant

The need for outstanding Administrative Assistant Jobs in Canada is increasing. These positions require applicants with heightened technical skills. Knowledge of social media and Salesforce is highly desirable to organizations.

Healthcare technology program graduates are particularly well-positioned. Candidates with industry certifications can also stand out. Various recruitment agencies provide top administrative assistant positions in Canada.

The Administrative Assistant is responsible for performing various clerical tasks in a company. Duties vary depending on the employer but typically include filing paperwork, scheduling appointments, data entry, answering the phone, and greeting visitors.

If you enjoy working with people, this position is perfect for you. A successful candidate should be flexible, able to work independently and meet multiple deadlines, and possess excellent time management skills. A strong work ethic is also required.

Thorough knowledge of general accounting systems is required, and applicants should reside within a 50 km radius of the Office. Applicants must undergo a security screening process.

Job Description

The administrative assistant is responsible for a number of tasks within the office. Their duties include performing administrative support for a variety of managerial and professional employers. Administrative assistants are employed both in the public and private sectors.

They perform clerical tasks, including preparing meeting agenda packets, creating PowerPoint presentations, and scheduling conference calls. In addition, they may book couriers, taxis, and rooms. Applicants who have experience working with customers are likely to excel in this role.

Administrative assistants perform general office duties and support managers or professional employers by coordinating office communications and directing phone calls. In addition, they help maintain record-keeping systems and schedule meetings.

Administrative assistants also take phone messages for team members and facilitate communication with clients. In addition to performing general office tasks, these individuals also perform special projects.

Administrative assistants perform various tasks to ensure the smooth running of an office or workplace. They are a central point of contact for clients and employees, keeping vital information such as staff schedules and contact information updated and organized.

In Canada, the administrative assistant position requires strong communication skills, note-taking skills, proofreading skills, time management, and organizational skills. This position also requires a thorough knowledge of software and computers.

For your job search, it's a good idea to seek out a mentor who can connect you with professionals in your field. Another great way to find a position is to join networking clubs with immigrant settlement agencies and attend industry job fairs.

Sulcabrush Inc Company

The Sulcabrush Inc Company is located in Concord, ON, and generates approximately $700 K to $1.49 million in annual sales. With a simple design, Sulcabrush is designed for any user to handle. Its bristles are made of tough material that gets into the nooks and crannies of teeth.

Administrative assistants are needed in many fields. Their duties include writing and proofreading documents, meeting deadlines, and preparing presentations.

Administrative assistant jobs in Canada require strong communication, organization, and time management skills.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Sulcabrush Inc
Post Name Administrative Assistant
Qualification PC Skills – Knowledge of Microsoft Office
Industry Private
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary CA$18 Hourly
Location Concord, ON, Canada  L4K 0A1

The demand for Administrative Assistants in Canada is high and many applicants qualify for Canada Immigration. While you may need a job offer in Canada, you can start looking for an administrative assistant job as soon as you land in the country.

Administrative assistants support a wide variety of professional and managerial employers. They can work in the private and public sectors and the career prospects for administrative assistants vary by province or territory.

In addition to being knowledgeable in the subject, it is advisable to learn other language skills as well. Another skill that is vital in an administrative assistant position is excellent communication.

Despite being the hub of information in a work environment, an administrative assistant's day is often filled with multiple activities. They are often faced with diverse personalities, changing priorities, and a variety of projects.


Besides the standard office duties, administrative assistants play an important role in many organizations, arranging meetings and conferences, and assisting other members of the team. These professionals are often self-employed and take on multiple clients simultaneously.

Starting salaries for administrative assistants in Canada are relatively comparable across the country. With increasing responsibility and experience, salary levels increase and administrative assistants may move up the career ladder.

Besides basic office skills, candidates must also have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. These skills are necessary for administrative assistant positions, so be sure to brush up on your interpersonal and communication skills.

In addition, you should consider enrolling in a vocational or certification course for a more advanced level of training. Various organizations offer courses and sponsor external training. Professional memberships can help you meet other professionals with the same passion. Many organizations provide resources for training and certification.


Administrative assistants are professionals who assist managers and professional employers with various tasks. These assistants may also work on special projects, but the duties are diverse.

Administrative assistant jobs in Canada require a combination of general office duties and technical expertise. They can be found in a wide variety of companies and industries.

In addition to providing general office support, administrative assistants can also play a key role in enhancing employee productivity.

Besides being versatile, Administrative Assistants must also possess good communication and organizational skills, as well as exceptional attention to detail.

They should also be flexible and energetic. Administrative assistants must-have skillsets in three areas: human skills, technical skills, and conceptual skills.

These refer to the way Administrative Assistants interact with others, technical skills, and conceptual skills. Conceptual skills, on the other hand, are important in this field, as they are required to understand their role and its contribution to the mission of the company.

Regardless of the field, Administrative Assistants perform a variety of clerical duties, such as scheduling appointments, preparing communications, and distributing mail. They may also manage their supervisors' calendars.

Job Benefits

The demand for administrative assistants is very high across Canada, and they are eligible for PR visas without having a job offer. Moreover, the administrative assistant profession is not regulated in Canada, so it does not require a license to work in the country.

Thus, once you have landed in Canada, you can immediately begin looking for administrative assistant jobs in Canada. Moreover, the Canadian government offers several benefits to its administrative assistants, including a generous stipend.

One of the most attractive features of an administrative assistant job is that they can work for any type of company and in any sector. They will not be making important leadership decisions, but they will be working with others and interacting with customers and coworkers every day.


Across Canada, salaries for Administrative Assistant jobs are rising in line with the market. The average salary for Administrative Assistants is $41,470 per year or $21.27 per hour. This figure represents the middle point between the highest and lowest salaries.

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